Many people think that IDM is the best downloaded manager. The IDM is not a freeware. Once the trial period is over, the program will not be usable and you’ll have to remove it from the PC.

FDM is a good software to download files and it is a great alternative to IDM. If you’re looking for a file downloader other than IDM and FDM, you should try out EagleGet.

EagleGet is a free software which assigns the task of downloading a file to several threads. The multiple processes will be given equal priority. Network bandwidth will be equally distributed due to which the file is transferred much faster than a browser.

When you install EagleGet, its installer will automatically add the latest version of Eagle Get extension to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

EagleGet review download manager freeware

The program has been designed in the same way as FDM. You’ll find the most important options on the toolbar. Below are the main functions that you’ll find on toolbar:

  • Add download task.
  • Start or stop a task.
  • Video sniffer.
  • Media Grabber.
  • File grabber.
  • Batch download.
  • Task Cleaner.

The above functions don’t need any explanation. While creating download task, the program will allow you to enter download path. It will also let you enter a file checksum so that the program can verify integrity of the file. EagleGet can convert the media file you’ve downloaded to other format. Wile creating a task, you’ll have to specify a format.

EagleGet classifies tasks in the below 3 categories:

  1. Processing.
  2. Completed.
  3. Queues.

You can access the above categories from the left sidebar of the EagleGet program’s main UI.

EagleGet download

The most interesting function of EagleGet is that you can save the tasks to a file and import them later. This download manager supports many protocols which include HTTPS, FTP, etc. It allows users to schedule download queues.

When a task is over, it will be automatically removed from the queue. The program will then categorize the task as completed.

EagleGet includes a search function to filter files by their name.

Other important features:


EagleGet supports customization. The program has 3 sliders to adjust color, contrast and brightness of the interface. It has 8 predefined color themes. In Eagleget, you can set a background picture for the dashboard. This program allows you to use a picture stored on the computer’s HDD as a wallpaper.

Eagle Get configuration


In Configuration Window of this download manager, the user will find the below 8 tabs:

General: Here you can change the startup settings, font, background image settings. You can also change the default folder.

Connection: Like IDM, Eagleget lets you set download speed limit, number of parallel connections, threads and the user agent. In Connections tab, you’ll also find an option to automatically resume downloads on startup.

Proxy: If you’re using a Proxy connection for connecting the PC with the Internet, make sure that you enter the proxy details in this section.

Monitoring: When you’re browsing the internet, you make come across several download links. EagleGet can be configured to monitor the Windows clipboard. You can enable the browser monitoring function in which the program will download the files of your choice.

The monitoring tab includes a text-field to enter the supported file formats. You must enter the file extensions in this field. For Example: RAR, ZIP, PDF, EXE, etc. EagleGet features an Exceptions field in which you must specify the domain names you don’t want the program to monitor.

Site Manager: If a website asks you to enter user name and password for downloading a file, enter login details in the site manager tab of EagleGet.

Capture: Here the user can enable or disable the video sniffer module of EagleGet download manager.

Notifications: EagleGet may display many messages when it’s downloading a file or when its monitoring module is active. If you don’t want to see any message, enable the silent mode from the Notifications Tab.

Automation: In this section, the user will find options to disable Windows hibernate function and sleeping feature when a file download task is active in EagleGet.

batch file download

The program can be configured to open an antivirus program for scanning the downloaded file. The automation section features an option for the same.

You don’t have to download and install a video converter software to covert a downloaded media file. Eagle Get can do this job for you. To use the Media conversion feature, you must download FFMpeg program.

The original file will be deleted automatically. Thus, duplicate files will not be created by the Eagle Get program.


  • Good and easy to understand features.
  • Supports multi-threading.
  • FTP and file conversion is supported.
  • Simple UI.
  • Lightweight (takes 15 megabytes storage memory).


  • None.

Conclusion: One of the best IDMAN alternative is Eagle Get. Try it out! You’ll love the features of this freeware.


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