Smartphones with selfie cameras are in a massive demand among the youth. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, a person will not buy a mobile phone if it doesn’t have a good selfie camera. Every year, many people addicted to taking photos of themselves risk their lives. While most of the selfie takers manage to escape unhurt, there are some unlucky people who lose their lives in a bizarre accident.

In India, Selfie has become an another name for self-destruction. According to a report, India tops the list of countries with the most selfie-related deaths and accidents.

selfie deaths and accidents

If you don’t want to get seriously injured or die, make sure you avoid the following types of selfies that have resulted in the death of many people in India.

Dangerous selfies you should avoid taking

6Selfie with animals and poisonous reptiles

Animals may look cute but you should avoid taking selfies with them.
Imagine you’re holidaying in a nearby park or forest. While traveling, you find a King Cobra trying to climb a tree. You find the snake attractive and try to take a selfie with it.

The Cobra feels threatened by your presence and it bites your finger or arm. Now, you’re in serious trouble. Cobra’s venom is deadly. Once it gets injected into your blood stream, you’ll feel excruciating pain. If your condition is left untreated, you may fall into a coma.

Here’s an incident that proves the same. A man in the US was nearly killed when a rattlesnake bit his arm when he was trying to capture a selfie with the deadly snake. You can read the disturbing story or see the photos here on Mirror.

5Selfie in front of moving train

Some folks are crazy. They stand on tracks waiting for a train. Once they spot the train, the person starts his/her front camera and wait for a train to approach near him/her. A 14-year-old boy was knocked down to death when he was trying to capture a selfie. Read the full story here on Hindustan Times. Trains in India may be slow, but you shouldn’t risk your life.

4Selfie from the top of building or moving vehicles

This is one of the most dangerous types of a selfie. If you’re scared from a height or if you’ve been challenged by your friend to take a selfie from the top of a 50 story building or train, then you should think twice before taking the risk.

Recently, a 15-year-old boy from Mumbai suffered a nasty electric shock while he was trying to take a selfie from the top of a train.

3Selfie on a mountain cliff

Mountain cliffs look beautiful. But they’re not safe. The speed of the wind increases as we climb higher a mountain.

According to Times of India, a man lost his life when he fell from a height of 100 feet. While he was posing for a selfie on a Cliff of the Mountain in Southern India, he lost the balance.

2Selfie near a Ferris wheel

Most of the incidents we have mentioned above have grievously injured or killed men. Here’s a story that will shock you. A teen girl was de-scalped when she attempted to take a selfie while enjoying her ride on a Ferris wheel.

The girl’s hairs were caught in Ferris wheel. See the photos and video of the gruesome accident here on the Indian Express portal.


If you don’t want to die an unnatural death, make sure that you avoid committing the above mistakes which have resulted in the death of many people in India and across the world.

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