A virus program loads itself into the main memory of your computer or smartphone. It then executes a task to damage the critical OS file data and crucial system services. Some viruses will track your activities, and they’ll note down the words that you type on the keyboard.

Whenever internet connection is available, the collected data will be automatically sent to the virus developer. To make sure that your data (passwords and important files) is secure and your activity remains private, you should install a good Antivirus software on your Windows, Android or IOS OS powered device. Several antivirus apps with inbuilt security features are available for phones and tablets.

Today, we’ll share the top rated security apps with you. The antivirus applications we’ve shared in this article will continuously monitor your system processes. Thus, they ensure that every byte of data on your phone or PC is secure. Here’s the list:

Best Android Antivirus apps for 2016

AVG antivirus

avg - Best android antivirus Apps free for Phones and Tablets

AVG has over 7 million downloads. It has many 5 star ratings on the Google play store. This free Android antivirus app comes with the below features:-

  • Scans any file to detect virus infections.
  • Tracks mobile on Google maps if it gets stolen.
  • Detects and kills processes that are slowing down your device.


Lookout Security & Antivirus app

This security app will continuously scan your Android device to make sure that your Android device is safe from all types of adware, viruses, and other malicious programs. When it finds any suspicious process, it will either kill or quarantine it.  Lookout Security & Antivirus has phone tracking feature.

If you’ve lost your phone, you can easily find it if you are an active user of this app. Lookout app monitors website, app login and other important activities of a user. If a user enters the password three times incorrectly, this app will send an alert to phone owner’s email address automatically. With all these powerful features, Lookout security is no doubt one of the best Android antivirus App for 2016.


Avast Mobile Security app

This product from Avast is one of the best Android antivirus apps for phones and tablets. Along with the ability to continuously monitor your files automatically, this software comes with the below features:

  • Blocks unwanted calls.
  • Blocks SMS.
  • Trace mobile number location on a map.
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing data packets in a real time.
  • Keeps your contacts on the device clean.


McAfee Antivirus app

A world renowned name in the world of security, McAfee’s software products will always be counted among the best in the world. McAfee antivirus is one such product.


Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security ensures maximum privacy and security. It continuously scans each and every activity and file on your Android device. This app has powerful security engine. Deadly viruses will be removed automatically by Kaspersky to prevent further file infection.


Conclusion: As new security threats are detected every day, we must make sure that our mobile device has a security app from a renowned company. The antivirus applications we’ve covered here are secure and provide users premium features for free.