The Windows operating systems up to version 8.1 were not developer friendly because they lacked tools such as SSH, SFTP, etc. Things have changed since when Microsoft rolled out the Creators update for its latest OS. Few months after releasing the creator’s update, MS introduced the Creators Fall update, which made Windows 10 an all-rounder OS.

The latest edition of Win 10 is developer and gamer friendly operating system. Why is this so? Well, Windows 10 now supports SSH and the Linux Subsystem feature is not a Beta release anymore. The OS includes a special featured called Developer Mode which gives developers the freedom to test the apps they developed, change system settings, etc. It also offers several new features for the gamers.

If you’re a Linux user who’s ready to give Windows another chance or you have stated hating Putty, you must give a try to the Windows 10 OS’s two new features, Linux Subsystem and SSH.

SSH is an important tool for developers. It allows developers to log in to the production servers from a remote location. Developers can use SSH on Windows 10 OS in the following two ways:

Install Linux Subsystem

Believe it or guys! The world’s most popular free operating system i.e. Ubuntu is now available on the Windows 10 store. The Ubuntu OS that you’ll find in the Windows store is a stable release. You can install and use Ubuntu in the Windows OS in the command line mode.

Once you install Ubuntu, run the ubuntu app from the start menu. Now, you’ll be asked to enter a username and password. When you set password and username, you can start using the most popular developer utilities – SSH, SFTP, CURL, etc. You can also write Shell, SED, AWK scripts, schedule CRON jobs, etc.

Ubuntu Windows Store

Should you get rid of VMware, Virtualbox or any other virtualization software?

If you’re comfortable with CLI, you can move your data to Ubuntu and remove the virtualization software to free up heaps of storage memory.

Install SSH on Windows 10

A tutorial to install SSH on Windows 10 has already been shared on the official Win 10 blog. The SSH client that you’ll install through the PowerShell or DISM tool is a beta release. Microsoft has stated in the blog post that you should use the OpenSSH utility for testing purpose only.

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How to move SSH keys from Linux to Windows OS?

As Windows has a bunch of new tools, you’d live to move your projects and SSH keys from the Linux Distro to Windows.

The best way to move the keys is to log in to the Linux OS and copy the entire ssh folder on a USB drive. Once you copy the folder, log in to the Windows 10 OS and paste the copied files in the home directory of the secure shell. Then, secure erase the USB drive.

If you don’t have a USB drive, download and install the Linux Disk Reader software and run it. Open the Linux home partition and navigate to the directory where your SSH keys reside. Select the folder and click on the save button. The Disk Reader program will open a wizard utility. Follow the instructions displayed on the Wizard’s interface.

Conclusion: If you have switched from Windows to Linux OS and have never looked back, update the Windows OS and you’ll fall in love with it. If you’re using Putty on Windows 10, you can uninstall Putty and use the built-in SSH tool of Windows or install the Linux subsystem.


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