Powered by the Chromium web engine, WebCatalog is a powerful cross-platform program with which you can run popular web apps on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

WebCatalog has a neat user interface. Its main window flaunts a toolbar and a panel that displays a list of supported web apps. The toolbar features a search box and has buttons to open the home interface, see the list of installed apps, and refresh the list of apps. It also includes a menu through which you can submit new apps and open the program documentation.

Installing and managing apps with the WebCatalog program is easy. Below the toolbar, you’ll find a panel that features a list of web apps, their icon, URL of the official website of the developer and a button with a label “Install”.

WebCatalog - Install web apps on Linux, Windows and Mac desktop or laptop

To download and use the application, you’ll have to click on the install button. Once you do so, WebCatalog will install the chosen application on your PC. To run the app, click on the open button.

As of today, WebCatalog supports the following popular apps:

  • 1Password, Asana, BBC Player, Evernote.
  • Evernote, Facebook messenger, Google Inbox.
  • Github, WhatsApp web, Google drive, Grammarly grammar checker, Google Docs.
  • Amazon Prime video, Acorn, AirTable.
  • And more.

To see the web apps you’ve currently installed, select the “Installed Apps” option from the toolbar.

WebCatalog supports 100+ applications. To find applications quickly, you can use its search box.

Why should you use WebCatalog?

Over a billion people use the internet every day. The Internet gives us access to various services that makes our life easier. Over a billion websites are running on the internet.

To access the website, you’ll have to enter its URL in the address bar of the browser and hit the enter key of the keyboard. When you do so, an HTTP get request is sent to a remote server. The server responds to the request by sending the HTML, CSS, and JS code of requested page.

If a page is large, it may take some time to open in the browser. If you’ve accessed the website earlier, the browser may have saved some of the assets of the website on your PC to make it load faster. The assets include CSS, JS, and image files. When you clear the cache with a tool like CCleaner, Atomic Cleaner, the browser removes the assets from the PC.

Web apps are developed to address the above problem. The code of a web application resides on your PC. Hence, the app opens quickly on your computer.

WebCatalog lets you access your favorite web services faster. You can discover and install new apps from a single window. WebCatalog is an open-source software. Download the program here on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC.


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