Smartphones launched these days have 1+GB of RAM, and they come installed with useless applications that run silently in the background wasting battery and useful resources like RAM, processor, GPU, etc. Sometimes, the process will leave no room for other apps, and the OS will stop functioning.

When the phone doesn’t have enough free RAM, you will not enjoy using it. Although the apps and games published on the Google play store are well designed and optimized, the UX will degrade if they’re running useless tasks in the background. If this happens, you’ll start hating the device as well as its manufacturer.

People usually think that a phone with more RAM is faster than the low-end handsets. This is not true! The performance and speed of your phone depend on several factors.

Entry level phone users should take some precautions else the handset’s battery will drain very fast. Mid-range smartphones have a good battery backup, but you may not want the apps to waste the battery power.

Today, we’re sharing some simple yet effective techniques to make Android faster. The best thing about our tips is that you don’t have to root your Android device.

make android faster without root

Use small size launchers

The Launcher is an essential app that powers every Android phone and tablet. It runs each time the OS boots to the home screen. The three of the simplest and smallest launchers for Android are Apus, Hola and CM launcher. Install any one of these apps and set it as the default launcher.

We’ve reviewed these three free Android launchers and found them processor and RAM friendly. These apps have a RAM booster feature that will flush the memory wasted by inactive processes. They use less RAM.

Remove Bloatware and Unnecessary apps

Android OS comes with an inbuilt app manager. You can find this tool under settings. Open the application manager and remove the apps that you don’t use. This will make sure that RAM and the processor cycles are not wasted. It will also ensure that your data and privacy is safe.

Using Advanced Task Killer

This application is useful because it can kill background running inactive processes that are using processor and other system resources. ATK has an option to disable processes from running when Android OS runs. It is like Windows task manager.

Advaced task killer app

If you use a Windows computer, you will not find ATK a complex application. ATK can run in the background. It has force kill option to prevent a service or process from starting. You can download it here.

Disable Auto syncing

Some apps run automatically whenever your device is connected to the internet. These apps will get latest updates. Then, they’ll make you aware of the updates via Android push notifications. For example, Google Mail or Outlook will get details on new emails in the inbox. Facebook app will check if there’s a new notification for you. This background activity is called syncing. Data can be synchronized manually, or Android can sync it automatically.

This process will use the system memory and the processor. If many such processes are running, your phone will slow down. Hence, you should disable the auto-syncing feature in Android if you don’t use cloud storage services.

Do the above tips work?

Yes, I have implemented them in the 50 USD ZTE blade buzz smartphone, which came installed with some bloatware, poorly designed RAM hogging keyboard and useless services. The phone became faster and more responsive than it used to be earlier.

Conclusion: Making Android faster is easy. All you have to do is follow the above tips and avoid installing apps that are not friendly to the phone’s hardware.

If none of the above methods works for you, factory reset the phone. If it’s an old device and the manufacturer is not releasing a software update, install a custom ROM like CyanogenMod.

Image source: Pixabay


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