YouTube is the best website for self-entertainment. After buying it, Google has done a great job in keeping YT one of the top sites in the world.

What i really like about YouTube is its simplicity and the video recommendation engine which always has something new to offer. Being an avid user of this site for 6 years, I feel that this website now has all features you need for the best video playback experience.

For adding new features to this video hosting and sharing site, developers have launched a lot of free YouTube extensions for the top 2 browsers, the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The latest extension among the lot is YouTube Plus aka YT+.

I’ve used this plugin for three straight hours, and I think it’s awesome. YT+ adds a bunch of new features to YouTube when you enable it on your web-browser.

YT+ YouTube plus settingsYouTube Plus creates a playlist of the latest videos which have been added to the channels you’ve been subscribed to. The plugin will automatically remove advertisements from the below pages:

  • YouTube search page.
  • What to watch page.

If you use the internet primarily for watching videos on YouTube, you don’t have to use adblocker extension to get rid of ads on YT.

This plugin adds an infinite scroll function to the homepage of YT. Thus, users don’t have to click on the load more button to discover new videos. Just scroll down to bottom of the page and videos will begin to appear in the feed.

YT+ aka YouTube plus adds a unique popup mode feature to YouTube through which you can watch any video uploaded on YT in a separate window. The window will load only the video file. There will be no like/dislike buttons or the comment form in it.

YouTube video pop outWhen you scroll down the site, the video will appear in a floating window to the bottom right corner of the browser. This module ensures that the video is always in front of you.

Along with the above cool features, YouTube Plus extension adds the below new controls below the default video playback controls of YT:

  • Repeat, open thumbnail.
  • Take Screenshot, Full browser mode.
  • Open the video in a popup or play it frame by frame.
  • Switch to cinema mode.

YouTube Plus for Chrome and Firefox disables hover effect on the videos. It changes the list layout in the search pages to grid layout. It removes sidebar from many pages and disables annotations site wide.

YouTube Plus new controls best YouTube extensionIf you find a video annoying or irrelevant, you can blacklist it quickly from appearing in the video feed or on any other page of YouTube. The blacklisting option will block all the videos from the channel through which the video file has been uploaded.

Screenshots captured by the user through the YT plus plugin can be saved anywhere on the PC in the form of a PNG file. The extension allows users to control the auto play function on YouTube.

The above mentioned features can be enabled or disabled from the plugin’s settings page. To access the page, click on the play icon which is located at the top right corner of YT website (besides the YouTube notifications option). Settings can be saved and restored later.

This cool plugin is free to download. Make sure that you install it to take your YouTube experience to the next level. YT+ is available on Github (full code), Firefox addons repository and the Chrome webstore.


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