Creo, an Indian startup company, has launched the Mark 1 mobile phone in India for Rs 19999. The Mark 1 is the best handset launched by an Indian organization till date.

The biggest advantage of buying the Creo mark one phone is that you’ll be able to enjoy monthly Android updates. Most smartphone companies roll out an OTA once in a blue moon.

When a new update is rolled out, a video tutorial that explains the new features will be automatically saved to your phone. Thus, you will not face any difficulties while using the new software modules of the Mark 1 phone.

creo mark 1

CM1 comes with Fuel OS (based on Android 5.1). As of now, the customized fuel OS of Creo Mark 1 phone is offering the below smart tools:

Sense: This utility allows you to find any file, contact or a text message saved on your phone by its name.

Retriever: A fraud detection tool, the retriever will automatically send an alert email to your registered email address whenever a new SIM has been inserted in the phone. The mail will display the phone’s current location on a map. This feature will be useful when you’re not able to find your Creo Mark 1 handset.

Echo: When a person calls you, and if you don’t want to answer him/her, the echo utility will automatically receive the call, and it will play an audio file. The audio should be recorded by the user in his voice and it should have a message for the caller.

Messaging: Creo Mark 1 has a smart messaging app which will automatically detect and block spam messages. The app has a function that copies one time passwords automatically to the system clipboard. It has been designed to save your time. It will automatically categorize the text messages.

In other phones, you can enjoy the above features with free apps published on the Google Play Store.

Hardware specifications

Creo Mark 1 is equipped with a 525+ PPI screen with an excellent resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The display size is 5.5 inches. It uses 2.5D glass. The handset features an SIM card slot which can also be used for storage expansion.

Creo Mark 1 comes with a metallic frame and suitable dimensions. Its screen is hardened with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It’s 8.7 millimeters thin and has a weight around 189 grams.

This Rs 20000 handset comes with a high-resolution 21 million pixels rear camera. You’ll be satisfied with the quality of videos/pictures recorded with the camera because it uses Sony Exmor IMX 230 sensor. The camera focus time is below 1 second. The camera records at 120 frames/second. It supports the 4K resolution as well.

This Quad HD phone has an FHD 8 megapixels camera at the front which supports 86 degrees FOV. It has Mediatek X10 octa-core Helio series processor which has a clock speed of 1950 Megahertz.

Creo Mark 1 offers LPDDR3 high-speed 3GB RAM, 4G LTE network connectivity support, WiFi, two noise cancellation technology based Microphone modules, and AAC speakers.

CM1 has 3100 mAh capacity battery, 32GB storage capacity and it can connect with Miracast technology based wireless displays.

Creo Mark 1 doesn’t seem to have a fingerprint sensor nor does it support VoLTE. You can buy it from Flipkart for 19999 Rupees.


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