One of the most disturbing and annoying thing about emails is spam and messages that you don’t want to see. When a spammer or any other person becomes aware of your ID, he’ll flood your inbox with offers, fake emails, threats and irrelevant links (including phishing). If you own a website, the visitor will add your id to their subscription list, and they’ll send you promotional emails at any time of the day.

Although most of the desktop email clients and web based services have a filter utility that will discard messages from specific addresses, the user will use different IDs to spam your inbox. In such cases, even the powerful filter seems to be outdated and incapable of handling spam.

The popular internet service, Gmail has become better as Google has added a block and unsubscribed utility to it.

gmail block and unsubscribe

Whether it’s a phone, tablet or a computer, the user will have access to these two modules on each computing device they own. If you use Inbox or the Gmail app, these two features will be available soon in the form of an app update.

In case you’re wondering how to use these two new features, follow the below steps:

Open your inbox and click on any message. When the email opens in the window, click the drop-down button beside the left arrow. Now you’ll see several options (check the above screenshot).

As you don’t want to see the emails from the selected sender, click the block option. A popup will appear on your screen to confirm that all emails sent by the user will be automatically forwarded to the spam folder. Click block and done. Now you won’t see emails from the blocked person.

If you have accidentally blocked a known user, you can unblock it by navigating to Gmail settings.

Blocking newsletters from unknown senders has now become easier in Gmail. Most newsletters include a link to opt out from getting messages in the inbox. If the email doesn’t include this link, Google will display it on the top of the message or in the same menu that includes the blocking button.

Google has made its service unique and even more powerful after adding block and unsubscribe feature. Have you used the cool new features of Gmail?


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