CCleaner software is one of the best free PC cleaners for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 operating system. This tool has received several awards, and it has been downloaded over a million times. Its free version comes with limited but very useful features. CCleaner review we’ve shared below will make you aware of this tool’s performance, and its various useful utilities.

When you run CCleaner on your PC, you’ll see your computer’s RAM size and CPU details at the top of the application’s main interface.

Let’s have a look at various modules of CCleaner in detail:

Ccleaner review - the best free pc cleaner software

Windows tab

When you run CCleaner, it will list several optimization options. Users have to tick every checkbox that appears in this tab. Windows tab features the below list of choices:

Internet Explorer: If you’re browsing the internet through Microsoft’s default browser i.e. Internet Explorer then CCleaner will clean all junk files generated by IE. It will remove history, .dat extension files, cookies, etc. Thus, you don’t have to open IE and manually remove useless files and cache data.

Windows Explorer: CCleaner is a smart app. It knows the location where unwanted files would be stored. In windows explorer section, this software allows users to remove thumbnail cache, recent junk documents, etc.

System: This is the most useful utility of this software. In the System section, users can clean system memory dumps, log and temporary files on just two clicks. Windows OS generates heaps of unwanted files every day. If they’re not removed on a daily basis, your system’s storage memory will be wasted.

Advanced: This section should be used only by advanced users and developers. Ccleaner can remove IIS server generated log files. It can remove menu order cache. Some software that allows users to customize menu will create a cache file containing settings. Thus, you should tick this option. The developer or application set environment path. This path is nothing but a folder containing libraries (JARs, DLLs, etc). You should ignore this option as it’s of no use.

Applications tab: This is yet another powerful feature of this software. If you run the application analyzer, you’ll see a list of apps and their junk file’s memory usage. If you click on Run Cleaner button, the unwanted files will be deleted. Thus, freeing up your storage memory. As you can see in the below screenshot, CCleaner has detected waste files generated by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc

ccleaner applications optimizer

CCleaner Tools

This PC Cleaner for Windows 7, XP, 8, 8.1, Vista OS packs with several useful tools. Here they are:

Software Uninstaller: If you’re not using any app on your PC then you should remove it. CCleaner makes your life easy by suggesting a list of all software. You can also repair corrupted EXE files through this tool.

Duplicate File Finder: This is a powerful tool in CCleaner. It will list all duplicate files (EXE, JPG, DOC, etc) on all of your drives. This software will take a few seconds to find such files. When its search operation is over, CCleaner will list each duplicate file. Users must click on delete selected button after ticking check boxes that appear to the left of file names.

ccleaner duplicate file remover

Disk Analyzer: If you want details on various files in your computer, you can use this tool.

ccleaner disk analyzer

Startup: If you don’t know Windows utilities like MSConfig or services.msc, you can use this CCleaner tool to enable or disable running of a software/service when the Windows PC starts.

CCleaner Registry Cleaner

Windows registry is nothing but a database generate by the OS. The operating system stores important details of all preloaded and newly installed software in the registry. Some poorly written apps will not clear the registry entries when they’re uninstalled. CCleaner will detect and remove such entries. Thus, reducing the size of the database. This tool will also fix Registry related issues. Make sure that you use this utility once a week.

ccleaner registry cleaner

System Notification: Like an antivirus software that displays warning messages to users when they detect a virus or malware, users of latest CCleaner will see system information of the junk files. Isn’t this an interesting feature? Users don’t have to run CCleaner every day to free space on their computer’s HDD.

CCleaner Interface review

The UI is clean, straightforward and easy to use. Applications with complicated GUI can consume an enormous volume of system memory. Piriform has done the right thing by keeping Ccleaner’s UI simple.

Memory Usage: This software consumed just 5.4 megabytes on my system. On an average, CCleaner uses 55 – 56 MB of RAM. When you’re running the analyzer, the RAM usage goes up to 60MB.

Options: CCleaner includes options to include or exclude files, cookies, system folders, etc. This software also offers the below-advanced options:-

  • Write data to INI file.
  • Close the application after cleaning process is complete.
  • Disable warning messages.

I hope you enjoyed reading this CCleaner review from techwayz. You can download this software through official Piriform website.


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