Imagine that a movie featuring the songs of your favorite singer has hit the theaters, and you visit the nearest theater to watch it. Theaters have Dolby Digital surround sound speakers. When the speakers play the sound, the sound quality will blow your mind. You will have to purchase a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, television with woofer, home theaters or the best headphone to get a similar experience at your home.

Why you have to do so? Well, headphones that ship with a new smartphone might not be of great quality. Where can you buy headphones? Earphones are available for purchase at local shops or in the malls for within Rs 200 to 10K. If you trust eCommerce portals more than the local shops, then you’re at the right place.

This article is for the people who trust online retailers more than the local stores as it covers the top class and the best headphones under 2000 Rs in India manufactured by renowned brands. These devices will deliver the best quality music, and they will make you a music addict. They support laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones. Here is the list:

Best headphones under 2000 you can buy online

Sennheiser PX 80

Sennheiser PX 80PX 80 is an over-head headphone with trendy design. It is fitted with a 4.5 feet cable along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It supports max frequency of up to 27K Hertz.

Users can easily fold Sennheiser PX 80 if they want to carry it outdoors. This device can play max 114 decibel sound. Its volume is loud and sound clarity is amazing. It is one of the best earphones under 1500 Rs in India. PX80 headphone’s price is Rs 1100.


Sennheiser CX275s

Sennheiser CX275S

CX 275s is a top rated product from Sennheiser Electronics LTD. It is encompassed with neodymium magnet. CX 275s features a 3.5mm jack along with a 1.2 m cord. It weighs 14.9 grams.

CX 275s supports noise isolation and 17 to 23K Hertz sound frequencies. The earphone comes with an active 16 Ohm impedance and offers superior build for extra comfort to your ears. It is fitted with a microphone so that you can answer a call quickly. CX-275S is one of the best in-ear headphones below 2000 Rs. It costs Rs 1600.



jbl t250si : Best Headphones under 2000 Rupees in India

JBL has designed this budget headphone to deliver the best audio experience. This JBL device has a pure bass technology based premium drivers and it weighs about 30 grams. JBL T250SI comes with large earbuds to eliminate external noise disturbances. It has an impedance of 32 Ohms. It lacks a microphone module.

This budget device supports sound frequency of up to 20000 kHz. You can purchase this wired headphone in black color option. As this device offers mind-blowing sound experience, it is one of the best over ear-head headphones under 2000 Rs. JBL T250SI costs 1020 INR.


JBL C300Si

JBL C300SI - best earphones within 1000 to 1500 INR

C300SI is an over-ear headphone that boasts a nice design. This device employs JBL’s clear sound technology, which helps it in delivering a high-quality sound experience.

C300SI is comfortable to the ears as it has soft earbuds. This headphone has a 1.2m cord and 3.5 mm audio Jack to support connectivity with mobile devices.

Like the above headphones, JBL C300SI has received excellent ratings from its buyers. Hence, it deserves to be counted among the top on-ear headphones under 2000 Rupees in India. JBL C300SI is priced within 1300 to 1400 Rs.


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boAt Rockerz 400

Boat Rockerz

The Rockerz 400 headset from boAt can play max 20 kHz frequency sound. It is a wireless device which you can pair with Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. boAt Rockers 400 packs a battery which offers up to 480 minutes of backup power.

The headset features a 3.5mm jack which will come in handy when the battery of this device is running low on power. It includes a large 40mm driver.

The Rockerz 400 headset weighs about 110 grams. It is comfortable to wear. You can purchase this black colored headphone for 2100 Rs online on Flipkart.


Motorola Pulse Max

Motorola Pulse Max

Pulse Max is yet another successful product and name in the world of headphones. It is stylish as well as powerful. This Motorola headset is a wired type foldable device. You can use it with mobiles and computers as it is a DJ style headset.

Like all other devices we’ve covered here, the Pulse Max headset comes with a 3.5mm port. Hence, you can connect it to all types of mobile devices, mp3 players, etc.

This headphone has 32 Ohm impedance. It offers 3.5mm Audio Jack and features 1.3 m cord. It has soft cushions. Hence, the earphone will not hurt your ears. Maximum sound frequency supported by this headphone is 23000 Hz.

Motorola has introduced 3 color variants of Moto Pulse Max. The headsets costs within 1100 to 1900 Rs in India.


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Sony MDR-XB450 Extra Bass

Sony MDR XB-450 Extra BassSony has fitted this high impedance over-the-ear headphone with lightweight cushions. Hence, your ears will not hurt when you are wearing this device. XB-450 supports audio frequencies ranging from 5000 to 22000 kHz.

Sony has equipped MDR-XB450 with a 3.99 feet cable and 1.18 inches driver unit. XB-450 has 166 grams weight and 100 dB/mW sensitivity. It is one of the Sony’s leading and best-selling products in India. It’s priced at 1700 Rupees.


Sony XB-50AP


XB-50AP is a good alternative to the above device. It packs a 12 mm driver unit. The earphone enables you to answer incoming calls. If you’re wearing XB-50AP, you can switch between the incoming call or music easily.

XB-50AP is an in-ear earphone with comfortable silicone earbuds. It supports sound frequencies between 4 kHz and 24 kHz. Its price is 2200 Rupees


Conclusion: Sennheiser PX 80, CX275s, boAt Rockerz, Motorola Pulse Max, JBL T250SI, C300Si, Sony MDR-XB450 and XB50AP are the best headphones under 2000 Rs.


  1. Sai

    Which is the best headphone to buy snny mdr 250 or jbl 250si?


    Hello Pramod! This is Yuvraj. I have motog 3rd gen phone, can you suggest good bluetooth headphones, price should be below 2k.

    • SBH20 because Sony products are of high quality. It is the only wireless Sony headphone that can be bought for around 2K Rs

  3. devashish

    Thnx for the list i bought sony mdr xb400 nd they r f**kin’ awesome

  4. rooban

    hey friend,, i don’t know which headphone to choose,, i love to listen to songs, am at hostel no laptop or mobile allowed,, i have sony ipod,, please tell good headphone among these, my budget is 1500, pls, i want beat ,bass,boom that feel

    • Xnom

      Twin woofers from Tekfusion
      Its is very good bass in ear headphones for the budget..Also its very light weight, metal body,5 ear buds…
      Note: Burn for atleast 16 hours then only you feel the bass blow in your head…

  5. Anik Ghosh

    Don't know where to post this,,,,Can u suggest me some good camera between Rs.5000-10000??…..


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