Comodo and Cobian backup software for Windows has a wizard-based interface to back up all types of files and folders. Although these two programs work very well, some users may want to use advanced options like creating a shortcut for the current task, checking logs, control user access to the backup directory, etc.

Unfortunately, the free versions of Cobian and Comodo backup programs don’t have such options. To use advanced features, you’ll have to buy a license key or download some other program. If the 2nd method sounds good to you, download the Personal Backup software by Dr. J. Rathlev and install it on your PC.

PB is available in 32 and 64 bits version, and its latest release is 5.8.0. It has many advanced features that most free applications don’t have.

PB 5.8.0 has a wizard-based module for creating backups. It supports encryption, compression, and many more features. When you run it, the software will open a backup wizard that prompts you to chose one of the below options:

  • Start wizard (suitable for newbie users).
  • Configure Task (suitable only for advanced users).

backup wizard 1

Step 1: If you select the 1st option, the Personal backup software will display options to save the backup file locally on the same PC or a remote computer using the file transfer protocol. Once you’ve chosen the destination folder or entered the full details of the target computer, click next button.

backup destination

Step 2: The program will prompt you to select the files, directories, and folders to back up. You can add as many folders and files as you want.

The personal backup tool cannot process the target and source directory at the same time. Hence, make sure that the two folders you select do not have the same parent folder.

Once the files to an up have been specified, click next.

backup files on Windows

Step 3: The wizard will now display options to back up the data as separate compressed/uncompressed files or into the zip files. If you’ve entered multiple paths in the previous step, select the 1st option else chose the 2nd option.

The wizard allows you to create encrypted backup files, and it can also verify them for you. While creating a backup, it can preserve the directory structure.

Personal backup software for Window PC

Step 4: In this step, you can schedule a backup task so that your data is backed up automatically. The task can be configured to execute immediately when the user accesses the Windows desktop, at a particular time or when he chooses the logoff option. To enter step 5, click on the done button.

schedule backups on Windows PC

Step 5: The software will display a file dialog that lists the content of the folder that you have specified in step 2. To complete the backup task, enter a name for it and click on submit button.

personal backup advanced featues

Advanced features: If you opt out of the step by step wizard to back up the data, you’ll have a full control of the program. You’ll be able to use the following functions:

  • Select a backup type i.e. Full, incremental or differential.
  • Disable compression for a file with particular extension.
  • Synchronize the backup directory.
  • Create Password protected tasks.
  • Configure SMTP settings to send an email immediately after a backup has been created successfully.
  • Filter directories.
  • Modify the size of copy buffers.
  • Force the program to display notifications if the backup task has failed.
  • Specific temporary and INI directories.
  • Restore files (GZ format is supported).
  • Refresh the UI.
  • Import and export backup tasks.
  • Change UI language.
  • and many more features.

Conclusion: Although the Personal Backup software doesn’t have an eye candy UI, its features are reliable. It offers better features than many other similar desktop programs for Windows. The software’s only drawback is that it doesn’t have a wizard to restore data. Nevertheless, it is a very good freeware for your Windows PC.

Download Personal Backup program for Windows.


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