Some telecom companies are not very happy with the increasing use of SMS and instant messaging apps. Thus, they’ve hiked data tariffs for 4G, 2G or 3G plans. There are a lot of apps that allow you to send free SMS online through your Android or IOS handset.

With instant messaging apps, people can stay in touch with their friends, relatives without calling them over GSM or CDMA network. Instant messenger software also supports sharing of photos between 2 or more people. Thus, you don’t have to use MMS service of an operator.

Some apps like Viber and skype support free voice and video calling. SMS and voice calling are two major sources of revenue for most of the telecom operators. Apps that emulate these 2 features with latest mobile technologies have affected the revenue of many companies badly. Thus, to get its revenue back on track, telecom operators want their customers to quit using IM and SMS apps.

If you’ve activated a costly Internet postpaid or prepaid plan on your handset, you should follow these below 5 cool working tricks to save data. These are the best workings tricks that can be used on iPhone or Android devices.

Disable network access to all apps excluding browser: Before you download any app from the Google play store or Itunes, you are made aware of the resources the app will use on your phone. For example, before installing Google maps app, the play store will make me aware that Google map will use GPS and WiFi on my phone.

Some Android or iPhone apps have the tendency to load themselves when your phone starts. If you have installed such apps, make sure that you turn off the network access permissions for all of them excluding the browser. This will make sure that only your web browser is allowed to access the Internet.

save dataImage by Pixabay user Jeshoots.

Disable auto-syncing feature: For some reasons, if you don’t want to follow the above method, you can turn off the auto-syncing feature on your handset. This will not only stop push notifications that make you aware of latest emails, Facebook notifications, etc but it will also save data on iPhone or Android.

Disable auto-update apps feature in Google play store or Itunes: Both these app stores can update Android or iPhone apps automatically to their latest versions. You can disable this feature by navigating to the app store’s setting.

Install adblocker: Adblocker can not only make websites load faster but they also save 100s of megabytes of data. An advertisement is nothing but an image, flash file that is loaded synchronously or asynchronously on a website. These files can be of any size and they are downloaded by the browsers. If you install Adblocker on iPhone or Android, it will stop the execution of all advertisement scripts.

Download ad blocker for Android or IOS.

Download and use a modern browser: Modern browsers like UcBrowser support data caching. They have the ability to save all static files from a website to your handsets storage. For example, if I access my facebook account through a browser, the browser will save CSS, image and other media files to my iPhone or Android device’s ROM. Thus, if I access my FB profile after 3 or 4 days through the same browser, the browser will check if it has saved any FB data to the ROM. If it finds files, instead of sending the request to Facebook servers, the browser will load static files from the local storage. This method is called caching. It reduces page load time and saves website bandwidth. More importantly, it also saves Internet data.

Disable Internet sharing: If you have activated Internet sharing on iPhone or Android phone, you should disable it. The person who is using your Internet connection may download large files or some apps on his device may access Internet automatically.

Install Opera max: This application can save heaps of data on your phone. Thus, it can reduce your internet bill by some dollars.

Opera Max is a free app that compresses video files on websites on the fly. Opera, the company behind this app claims that users will hardly see the buffering animation when they watch videos on websites like YouTube.


  1. Prince Ramgarhia

    Yeah some of great tips you have written there i use host file to block all the add in my phone with the help pf lucky patcher it just update file dont need any app for it ..


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