Sending small files is possible with email services, but if the file is large, you must use a storage device or cloud storage platform to share files. The 1st option is feasible only when the receiver of the file is nearby you or in the same city. The 2nd option is reliable and quick, but it requires an internet connection.

There are plenty of free cloud storage platforms that allow users to share large files. The biggest names in this business are Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and GDrive. Dropbox offers 3GB free space. Microsoft provides free 5GB cloud storage space to its users. Google’s cloud storage platform, the Google Drive provides a massive 15GB storage space to the users.

Several firms have tried to compete with these three companies, but most of them have failed. Mozilla, the developer of the widely used Firefox browser will be soon launching a new file sharing service called Firefox Send.

FS is a web application that you can access on mobile or desktop browser. It is in testing mode. Unlike cloud storage services that prompt users to create an account for uploading and sharing files, Mozilla Send doesn’t ask users to register an account.

How to use Firefox Send?

Mozilla Send - share large files

The Firefox Send website boasts an option to upload the file you want to share. It also flaunts a drag and drop interface i.e. to upload a file, you have to drag the file and drop it on the rectangular box displayed on the website.

When you drop the file on the box or select the file with the upload option, Mozilla Send begins the file transfer operation. The transfer takes place over a secure channel. The transfer speed depends on the file size and internet speed.

While the file is being uploaded to the Mozilla Firefox Send servers, it is encrypted with a powerful algorithm. Once the file transfer is complete, the Mozilla Send portal displays a special URL in a text box. You must copy the URL and share it with the person with whom you want to share the file. You can share the URL via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

The person at the receiving end will see a brief description of the Firefox Send service, file name, size and an option to download the file. Once the user downloads the file, Firefox Send will remove it from the server.

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What happens if the person doesn’t download the file?

Firefox Send will remove uploaded files automatically after 24 hours. The uploader can manually remove the file by clicking on the “Delete File” option.


Users can send unlimited files of any format with Mozilla Send. The file size limit is 1GB.

Conclusion: Firefox Send is a great cross platform file sharing service. It open-source and fast. Being an open-source project, FS is safe. Mozilla is a big fish. Its Firefox browser has 100+ million users. The new service from Mozilla might kill the smaller file hosting services that are being used for legitimate purposes.


  1. Stella D

    FTP is another alternative. But for those who find it difficult to setup and don’t want to deal with the complexities, there is another solution called Binfer. Binfer has no limitation on file size and quantity. You can send large files without any worry.


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