The phone browser is a powerful application. It is free, intuitive and impressive. You can use it to download files, watch movies online, open top websites or debug JavaScript or CSS code.

There are 100’s of web browser available for various OS platforms. Most popular and widely used browsers for Windows Phone (version 7, 8.1 or the upcoming Win 10) and Android are listed below:

Note: Flash has become an outdated technology. The below browsers support HTML5 that allows you to play videos without a flash module. Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, HULU or any other video subscription website, the browsers will support them, and they’ll not request you to install flash.

UC Browser-Best Smartphone browsers for Android 2014
UC Browser is the fastest and the best Android browser available till date. It has a powerful download manager that works in online and offline modes. UCbrowser features a copy tool that allows you to copy as many characters you want. It has a utility to check browsing history, bookmarks and downloads.

This app supports add-ons and customization via themes. Ucbrowser features a night mode to improve text visibility in a dark room. It supports notifications and zooming of a web page. If you’ve never used this app before, this is the right time to do it. [Download on Windows Phone or Android]

Firefox - Best Smartphone browsers for Android 2014
Yes, Firefox can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets too. Firefox is well known great browsing experience. It features advanced security modules. Mozilla Foundation, the developer of Firefox, has set up a plugin page where users can find or download 1000s of plugins for free.

Firefox is one of the top rated Android browsers with flash. It comes with a file download manager. It has favorite sites and bookmark utility. One key reason for Firefox’s popularity is that allows customization. You can change the background or hide or show any option of the browser in the toolbar. [Get Firefox for Android or Windows phone]

Google Chrome:-

Google Chrome - Best Smartphone browsers for Android 2014

Just like Firefox, Google Chrome supports tabbed browsing, and it loads web pages very fast. Google Chrome for Android and Windows phones support voice search functionality. It has an advanced syncing feature.

This browser is as popular as Firefox and UCBrowser. It supports private browsing via incognito windows and bookmarking. Chrome maintains a user’s browsing history and it allows people to switch between mobile and desktop versions of a site. Thus, I’ve added it to this list

Opera Mobile and Mini:
Opera Browser - Best Smartphone browsers for Android 2014
What I like about this browser is its ease of use and clean UX. It offers an excellent mobile internet experience. It supports browsing in tabbed windows too. Opera Mobile has features to zoom in and out a web page. If you have eye-related problems, you can use this tool for better reading experience. Navigating a website in this web browser is a piece of cake. Opera is a lightweight app that requires just a few megabytes of installation space. [Get Opera on Windows Phone or Android]

Skyfire Browser - Best Smartphone browsers for Android 2014
Skyfire is one of the best Android browsers with flash. It can play video files embedded in a web page. Just like the other two above apps, browsing speed through Skyfire is excellent. Due to its flash file playing capabilities, Skyfire is ideal for people who use their phones or tablet for self-entertainment purposes. This app is available only for Android devices.

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Dolphin Browser - Best Smartphone browsers for Android 2014

Dolphin browser packs with a lot of add-ons to extend its functionality. It allows you to open websites in new tabs. Dolphin can recognize voice commands too.

Teashark Browser - Best Smartphone browsers for Android 2014

Teashark supports tabbed browsing. It also allows you to subscribe website RSS feeds. Due to its innovative features, tea shark has managed to make it in this list of the best browsers for Android 2016.


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