The phone browser is a powerful application. It is free, intuitive and impressive. You can use it to download files, watch movies online, open top websites, etc. An Android phone is incomplete without a good browser app

There are 100’s of web browser apps available for the Android platform. Here, we’ve shortlisted the best and most powerful Android browser apps for the current year i.e 2017. The browsers we’ve covered are user-friendly. They have a desktop browser like features and a powerful HTML engine.

Note: Flash has become an outdated technology. The below browsers support HTML5 that allows you to play videos without a flash module. Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, HULU or any other video subscription website, the browsers will support them, and they’ll not request you to install flash.

Top 7 best browser for Android 2017

8Puffin Browser

Puffin is a new browser that supports tabbed browsing. It has many unique features which you won’t find in other Android browsers.

Puffin is a great browser for playing online flash or HTML5 based games embedded in web pages as it has a gamepad module. The browser receives data from Puffin servers. The servers encrypt the pages to prevent eavesdropping. Puffin lets you download large files of size up to 1GB to cloud server.

The app has a theater mode which comes in handy when you play games or watch videos online. Puffin has a powerful JavaScript engine. It has GUI based trackpad and incognito mode for safe browsing.

Due to its innovative features, Puffin is one of the best Android browser apps.

Download Puffin

7CM Browser

CM Browser is a RAM friendly application that requires a low amount of storage memory. CM allows you to search on various popular search engines from its main window.

The app supports tabbed and private browsing. It contains ads which you can easily disable by tapping on the home content display option on the app’s status bar.

The Android browser has an inbuilt Ad Blocker utility. AS the app scans every URL you visit, CM Browser ensures a safe browsing experience. CMB lets you download videos from various websites. Apart from removing ads, CM can block popup windows generated by websites.

The browser has an inbuilt page translator tool. Like other browsers for Android, CMB lets you adjust the text font size.

Download CMB


Dolphin browser enables you to install add-ons to extend its functionality. It allows you to open websites in new tabs. Dolphin can recognize voice commands too.

The browser app lets you bookmark web pages. It displays the weather information and has the option to navigate to the previous, next page. The application allows you to browse websites in incognito mode. It has a night mode function to make readability in the dark easier.

Dolphin includes a one-click option to disable loading of images. It has an Ad blocker and Flash player built-in.

Download Dolphin

5Opera Mobile and Mini

What I like about this browser is its ease of use and clean UI. Opera browser offers an excellent mobile internet browsing experience. It supports browsing in tabbed windows too. Opera Mobile has features to zoom in and out a web page. It hs data saver mode that can reduce your mobile internet bill.

Opera Android browser lets you save pages for offline viewing. It has a file downloaded tool. It lets you subscribe to latest cricket score updates.

The app can play video files embedded in a web page. Just like the other two above apps, browsing speed through Opera browser for Android is excellent. Due to its flash file playing capabilities, Opera is ideal for people who use their phones or tablet for self-entertainment purposes. This app is available only for PC and mobile phones. It requires just a few megabytes of installation space.

Download Opera

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UC Browser is the fastest and the best Android browser of all time. It is a top-class browser with the most number of features. UCB has a powerful download manager that works in online and offline modes. UCbrowser features a copy tool that allows you to copy as many characters you want. It has a utility to check browsing history, bookmarks and downloads.

UC Browser includes a Facebook mode which improves your social networking experience. The app offers excellent download speeds. It provides data saver function and has an inbuilt advertisement blocker.

This app has a simple theme. UC Browser features a night mode to improve text visibility in a dark room. It supports notifications and zooming of a web page. If you’ve never used this app before, this is the right time to do it.

Download UCB

3Mozilla Firefox

Yes, Firefox can be installed on Android OS running smartphones and tablets too. Firefox is well known great browsing experience. It provides advanced security features for safe web browsing. Mozilla Foundation, the developer of Firefox, has set up a plugin page where users can find or download 1000s of plugins for free.

Firefox is one of the top-rated Android browsers with flash. It comes with a file download manager. It has favorite sites and bookmark utility. One key reason for Firefox’s popularity is that allows customization. You can change the background or hide or show any option of the browser in the toolbar.

Download Firefox

2Google Chrome

Like other top browsers, Google Chrome supports tabbed browsing, and it loads web pages very fast. Google Chrome for Android support voice search functionality. It has an advanced syncing feature that syncs your saved passwords, bookmarks, browsing history, etc to your devices. The browser app includes the powerful Google Translator utility.

Chrome has over a billion users. It supports private browsing via incognito windows and bookmarking. Chrome maintains a user’s browsing history and it allows people to switch between mobile and desktop versions of a site.

Google Chrome displays a deceptive site ahead warning when you try to open a malicious website. It downloads files from websites quickly. Chrome can fill web forms automatically.

Chrome is the best Android browser 2017.

Download Chrome

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