Crowdfunding portals are used by people who can’t arrange money for hospital expenses, starting their dream business from their relatives or friends. In India, they are primarily used to raise funds for medical expenses.

Established CF sites have a large number of visitors. Out of 10000+ daily visitors, a handful of generous people help the needy by donating money. People who can’t contribute money will share the campaign page on social networks. When a page is shared on a large site, it can become viral. Viral campaigns are successful and end quickly.

The executives working for crowdfunding sites verify the campaign before making it live. They share the page on social networks.

The campaigns are successful only when you share the right details and upload the valid documents provided by the hospitals, NGO, Government, etc. For example, if your loved one is suffering from a critical illness, you must share the photocopy of the hematology, CT scan or MRI report.

Below, we’ve shared the list of most popular crowdfunding portals you can use in India.

Top 5 Best crowdfunding sites in India



Milaap is one of the most active crowdfunding sites in India. It allows you to run fundraising campaigns of various types. It has helped people raise 35 Million USD for various causes.

The Milaap crowdfunding website is mobile friendly. Registering an account on this site is free, but the company charges 5% of the raised amount as a fee. The site accepts donations with the PayTM wallet app. Milaap accepts a donation from foreign or Indian nationals. It offers 24 x 7 support to users.

1000s of crowdfunding campaigns are live on this site. Milaap’s official Facebook page has 150+ likes and the Twitter profile has 13k+ followers.

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Ketto enables you to raise funds for education, child welfare, business, health and many other causes. To create a fundraising campaign on Ketto, you must fill a fill and submit an online form. According to Ketto, the process of completing and submitting a form takes 2 minutes.

Ketto executives help fundraisers in creating a successful campaign page. The site charges 6% commission on the overall fund you’ve raised. It also deducts payment gateway charges and taxes before transferring the amount.

Like Milaap, Ketto has profiles on FB and Twitter. As of today, Ketto has 14200 Twitter and 20000 Facebook followers. No matter how much money you’ve raised, Ketto disburses the raised amount to the fundraiser.

Ketto sends updates on your campaign to your phone via SMS or email. It provides 24 x 7 support. It is yet another big name in the crowdfunding industry.

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Impact Guru

Impact Guru

Impact Guru is one of India’s most popular crowdfunding sites. It has helped 10000+ people to raise about 50 million USD.

Starting a campaign on this site is free. Before depositing the raised funds to your account, Impact Guru will charge you a commission of 4.5% on the overall amount you’ve raised.

Like other crowdfunding portals, IG accepts donations from Indian or Foreign nationals. ImpactGuru site is easy to use. It allows you to embed images, videos on your campaign page.

Campaigns on Impact Guru can last for up to 3 months. The firm disburses funds within 7 days from the date the fundraising campaign has ended.

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If you want to raise money for your creative project, you should give a try to WishBerry. Over 400 projects are published on WishBerry in art, comics, dance, design, film, music, photography, publishing and theatre categories. 11+ crore Rs has been raised so far.

The site charges 10% commission and it will transfer money to your account only if the entire goal has been met. The site allows you to create campaigns of 60 days duration.

If you want your campaign to get more exposure, you must pay Rs 10000 as social media marketing and PR charges. WishBerry gives you access to tools for tracking the campaign’s performance on social networking sites.

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BitGiving is a great site to raise funds for social causes. It also allows you to raise funds for your creative, business project or treatment.

Like other crowdfunding websites, BitGiving charges a commission within 6 to 10% before disbursing the raised amount. BG will charge 10% commission if your campaign goals aren’t met and you want the site to transfer the money your campaign has raised to your bank account.

BitGiving was launched in 2013. It has helped 100+ needy people raise 2 Mn USD. Like other crowdfunding sites, BitGiving is easy to use. BG has 15000+ followers on social networks.

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The above five crowdfunding sites are trustworthy. They can help you raise money for various causes.


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