Credit cards can be helpful during the needy times or when the cash in your savings account has exhausted. State Bank of India, one of the largest banks in India has launched several credit cards in India. SimplySave is one of the most popular credit cards of SBI.

The one thing that attracts people towards SBI is the fact the SBI is a government-owned organization. It is also the largest bank in India. The bank has 1000s of branches across India. Hence, withdrawing cash from nearby ATM, applying for loans, etc is easy.

How to apply for the SimplySave Card?

To apply for the credit card, you must fill out and submit the application on There are 2/3 steps of verification. In the 1st step, the SBI executives might check your CIBIL score, salary, turnover, etc. Once the executive thinks that you’re eligible for the card, you’ll receive several verification calls from the State Bank of India executives. Make sure that disable the spam call blocker and pick up all the calls you receive.

The executive will ask you some basic questions i.e.

  • What is your address?
  • What is your mother’s/father’s name?
  • What number did you enter when you had submitted the application?

Sbi Card

Important things you should know

Charges: The annual fee of the SBI Simply Save credit card is Rs 499.

According to the company, the charges will be waived if the customer spends 2000 Rs within 60 days or Rs 90000 in 12 months. In case the customer does so, he/she will receive Reward points worth 500 Rs (if the credit card was used to buy things that earn 10x reward points). 1 reward point equals 25 paise. The minimum reward point you can earn on spending 100 Rs with the SimplySave CC is 1.

Age limit: You must be at least 21 years old to apply for the credit card.

How much time does it take for the credit card approval?

It takes about 20 days to get approval. You can check the status of your application online. Once the bank approves your application, you’ll get a message containing the shipment details and a tracking number.

Note: SBI rejects many credit card applications. If 20 days have passed you didn’t get a message from SBI, do check the card status on the

Features of SimplySave Credit Card

The SBI Simply Save credit card provides a card analyzer tool with which you can see a graph on how much money you’re spending on Groceries, Electronics items, Entertainment, etc.

Flexipay: The CC allows you to convert transactions in EMI with a few clicks. This feature of the SBI CC is called as Flexipay.

Balance Transfer: With this feature, you can transfer money from your credit card account to other bank’s account. The amount you can transfer is set by the bank.

Credit Limit Increase: SBI SimplySave Credit card enables you to increase your credit limit from its dashboard. To use this feature, you’ll be asked to enter your gross income, limit, and documents that prove your earnings.

Card upgrade: This feature comes in handy when you want to upgrade to an SBI card that offers better features.

International transactions: The card supports transactions in foreign currency. It charges money for currency conversion.

Billpay and recharges: The SBI credit account includes an option to pay bills, recharge mobile number, DTH, etc. The website supports Airtel, Idea top-up recharges. For some reasons, it doesn’t support JIO – India’s 3rd largest and fastest growing telecom firm. Unfortunately, the top up recharge page of SBI doesn’t provide an option to chose JIO.

Statements: The statements are generated on the 4th of every month. You’ll get the statement to your registered email address on 4th of the month.

Due Date: You must pay the due amount within 20 days of statement generation date. If you don’t do so, you’ll be eligible for a late fee. SBI might also suspend your CC. Paying late will affect your CIBIL score.


Once you get the card, you’ll receive calls from never before heard e-commerce companies. Use true caller or other similar apps to discard the call.

Who can use?

The card is ideal for salaried and self-employed users who shop, book movie tickets online, travel in their own vehicle, ride their own scooter, bike, etc.


  • Nice features.
  • Newbie friendly website.
  • 20 days due date.
  • 1% waiver on fuel surcharge.


  • Reliance Jio top-up recharges are not supported yet with the SBI card website.

Conclusion: SBI Simply Save is a perfect card for the users who want to save money. Its website is easy to use and the features are great.


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