Microsoft Defender has improved considerably, but it’s still not as powerful as commercial antivirus software. If a person is using a paid Symantec, BitDefender, Kaspersky security product, he doesn’t have to worry about online or offline security threats.

The paid antivirus programs monitor the computer continuously. If they find suspicious files, the programs will quarantine or fix it. Paid security software are capable of detecting all types of threats. If a person uses a free security software, there’s a big reason to worry. Free antivirus software doesn’t provide protection against ransomware.

Users can improve the security of their PC by installing web-browser extensions. The extensions will block the download of malicious files. They’ll also prevent users from opening harmful URLs.

Firefox and Chrome provide tons of free security extensions. The latest extension to make it to the list of security extensions is Malwarebytes.

What does the free MB extension do?

Malwarebytes extension will prevent users from downloading files infected by malware. Apart from malware, the MB Firefox extension can identify and block websites designed for the purpose of scamming people. It can also block tricky advertisements and scripts that track your online activities.

MB lets users exclude websites from being scanned. To add websites to the ignore list, click on the “Exclusions” Tab.

By default, MB sends some data to MalwareBytes servers. The extension provides an option to disable this feature. Although the extension is experimental, it does a good job of identifying malicious URLs.

MalwareBytes Firefox Extension

Required permissions

The MBE requires the following three permissions to work:

1: Access website data: Malwarebytes scans website URLs to identify threats. Hence, it requires this permission.

2: Store unlimited data on the PC: Like antivirus software, MB might download malware definitions from its servers. Hence, MB needs this permission.

3: Access all open tabs: The user may open several websites in the browser. This the reason why MB extension requires tab access permission.

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Do you need the extension?

Google and the Chrome browser warns users when they open a malicious URL. Hence, if you’re using one of these two products, you don’t need a security extension. But if you use other search engine and browser, you can use the new Malwarebytes extension. The MBE for Firefox will warn you when you try to open an infected website.

The extension is available for Firefox browser only. Chrome version of MB has not been launched yet. The size of the free Malwarebytes extension is 5.1 megabytes.

Download MB extension for Firefox.


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