The reason why many people choose Android smartphones over other popular brands like BlackBerry, Windows Phone or the Symbian OS is the availability of a huge number of free applications on the Google Play Store. You can download various types of games and apps from the Play Store.

Today, we’ll have a look at one of the top categories of applications, the Android SMS apps. Although you’ll find a lot of apps in this category, there are just a few of them that have proved themselves as the top Android texting apps.

The best Android SMS apps we’ve shared below have many cool features. They take your texting, MMSing, message editing experience to the next level. Here’s the list of the great SMS applications available for Android devices.

Best SMS apps for Android

8Handcent texting app

Handcent is a free Android texting app that ships with a spelling checker tool. It allows users to compose new text messages with ease. The app supports multiple languages.

Handcent supports group messaging with SMS and MMS. It lets users resize large images. This feature can be useful when you’re trying to send an MMS. The application has material design and it supports customization.

Like Go SMS Pro app, Handcent has a large user base. It has innovative and unique features. Hence, Handcent is one of the top free SMS apps you can download and use.

Download Handcent SMS app for Android

7SMS Popup app

The SMS Popup Android app displays a popup window to make you aware of new text messages. The popup has the quick reply feature which can be handy at times. It also features a delete and close button. The delete option will remove the SMS from your phone.

The app provides a speech and voice recognition tool that will read aloud your message. This tool allows users to send messages with voice commands.

The app enables you to set reminders for notifications. It lets users change the default notification settings for a specific contact.

Download Popup SMS Android app

6Messaging SMS

MS is a free app that allows users to group messages in their inbox. It lets users bulk mark all messages in the inbox as read. The app enables you to import messages saved in the system database to the app’s database. You must run this function at least once else the inbox of the MS app will be empty.

The application displays the messages from the same sender in a single window. It provides an option to add sender’s number to the contact list. MS lets users attach a picture, video, audio file or contact info in a message. It includes a search SMS option. The app supports emoticons and has a great design.

Download Messaging SMS app for Android.

5Mood messenger – SMS and MMS

MM has all the features that you want to see in a good text messaging app. When you run this app for the first time, it detects your phone’s hardware and optimizes settings to deliver the best texting experience.

Mood Messenger has a lovely interface. It marks unread messages with a red exclamation icon. Like other Android SMS apps we’ve covered here, MM supports threaded messages. It includes a private mode feature through which you can hide SMS from the inbox.

The messaging app allows users to blacklist a number. It features an option to set default SIM which the app should use for sending SMS. The mood messenger app offers many customization options. The MM app suggests smileys when you enter a word in the textbox that appears on its main window.

Download mood messenger SMS app for Android

4Chomp SMS app

Developed by Delicious INC, Chomp SMS has gained huge popularity because of its intuitive features. It provides 1500+ smileys. It can lock your messages with passcodes.

The Chomp Android SMS app allows users to blacklist and block a text message sender. You can configure it to display notifications for received messages.

Like GO SMS Pro, you can schedule messages and MMS with the Chomp app. Chomp provides many font styles to make your text messages look cool.

The SMS app offers over 99 material design based themes. It is compatible with third-party services like Pushbullet, Android wear, MightyText, etc.

Download Chomp SMS app for Android

3Go SMS Pro

With a huge fan following and over a million downloads, Go SMS Pro is one of the best Android SMS apps. It supports 800+ emoticons and has a powerful function to block unwanted messages.

The app provides 200+ themes. It allows users to schedule text messages. You can configure the app to reply automatically to a message you’ve received recently. It includes a private box feature that can store your personal and too private messages.

The app supports mobile phones with dual SIM card slots. It allows users to pin contacts on the screen. You can delay sending text messages with this application. Go SMS Pro is one of the finest free SMS apps our list.

Download GO SMS Pro Android app.

2SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer from Microsoft is a feature rich SMS app. It is a great alternative to the above applications.

SMO scans your messages and sets reminders automatically. If you’ve booked a ticket and received a notification for the same, SMS Organizer will remind you of the upcoming journey. The app enables you to see the PNR status and it lets you backup the messages.

SMS Organizer provides a dark theme. It can block SMS from numbers you blacklist. SMO allows users to set a ringtone for contacts. It lets you change the font size.

Download SMO

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