The Riot Isolator is a small program that provides 10+ privacy and security tools to the user. The setup and readme files of RI ships in a compressed ZIP archive. When you run the executable file, RI will ask you to either install the program or run it without installation.

Riot Isolator is a single Window program. The main Window of RI has a black color background and it boasts icons of various security and privacy tools.

Below are the various utilities Riot Isolator provides to its users.

File Eraser

Riot Isolator offers a file and folder shredder tool through which you can securely delete files from the PC. Be careful while using this tool because it erases a file completely from the hard disk drive.

File Unlocker

If you’re unable to delete a file, use this tool of the free RI program to unlock it. The tool kills the process which is using the file so that you can either edit or remove it.

Riot Isolator free security tool for Windows


The toolbox section of Riot Isolator gives you access to the following useful utilities:

Anti screenshot

Don’t want other users of the PC to take screenshots? Enable the anti-screenshot tool of the Riot Isolator program.

Anti Keylogger

A keylogger is a small program that runs in the background and captures keystrokes in a file. Instead of saving keystrokes to a file, the keylogger may send it to a remote computer in real-time.

To make sure that programs other than the ones you’re currently using don’t record your keystrokes, enable the Anti-keylogger tool of Riot Isolator.

Anti webcam

This function of Riot Isolator prevents third-party programs and users from using the web camera of the laptop.


This module of RI program prevents spoofing of file extensions in Windows OS. It also monitors activities of processes executing tasks in the system memory.

Volume protection

This utility will make all hard disk volumes read-only. This feature comes in handy when your PC is infected by a virus.

When you enable volume protection, the virus will not tamper other files on the PC.

To remove the malicious program, download a portable virus remover software on the USB drive and run it after turning on volume protection feature of Riot Isolator.

Recycle Bin cleaner

Riot Isolator lets users delete the contents of Recycle Bin with a single click.

Drive Eraser

If you want to wipe data from the partition of a hard drive, use the Drive Eraser function of RI.

Live Report

To run Riot Isolator in the background, enable its live report utility. When you enable LR, you can enable or disable the above functions of this free security tool from the Windows taskbar.


RI allows users to configure the following settings:

  • Enable email alerts, change language from English to German.
  • Specify IP Port, turn on/off strict detection feature.
  • Enable security and password lock.
  • Activate or deactivate sound notifications.

Conclusion: Riot Isolator is a useful security tool for Window OS, but it has an outdated interface. The setting’s section of RI is confusing. Download the program here from the developer’s website.


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