HitmanPro is a security software for Windows with an inbuilt malware, spyware, rootkit, keylogger detector/remover tools. It can be installed on Windows 7, XP, 8.1 OS along with other antivirus applications like McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, etc.

This software doesn’t require 100s of megabytes of installation space. If it detects any suspicious files, Hitman Pro will use online virus/malware definitions to detect and remove threats. This malware scanner doesn’t have to be installed on your system. Thus, users can run it through DVD/CD or USB flash drive.

Unlike many other antivirus applications, Hitman Pro will display its important functions on its main interface. The options are distributed in the below six tabs:-

HitMan Pro Settings

This window allows users to configure the following options.

  • Upload all suspicious files to the cloud scanner.
  • Compress files before starting the upload operation.
  • Use SSL if you want your files to be encrypted before being uploaded.
  • Create restore points when any malware file is removed.
  • Can and remove malware, tracking cookies, etc.
  • Change language (over 25 different languages are available)

Hitman pro review - removes tracking cookies & malwares


Use this option if you want to make Hitman Pro scan your PC/laptop automatically for virus infections. This tab also includes an option to integrate Hitman Pro with Windows shell.


This tab will display all threats that were detected and removed by the earlier edition of Hitman Pro (if you had previously used this software).


You can download Hitman Pro Trial version and use it for thirty days for free. To activate your free license, you must provide your email address.


If your ISP or firewall blocks all your upload operations then you should use a proxy server.


This is a very interesting feature. Through this tab, users can integrate VirusTotal online service with Hitman Pro. To do so, you must get the VirusTotal API key.

When you run Hitman Pro, you’ll be requested to choose one of these two options:

  • Install a copy of this software so that you can use it to scan your PC daily.
  • Run the scanner only once.

For this review, I have chosen the first option. Once Hitman Pro starts its scan operation, it will list all threats and tracking cookies in a scrollable table. Users are allowed to ignore or delete all threats in a bulk. The scan operation will take a few minutes to complete. The process to repair infected files will run for just a few seconds.

Hitman Pro 3

Is Hitman Pro effective?

When I was testing this software on a computer loaded with ESET smart security, it was able to detect some tracking cookies.

I was surprised that ESET didn’t warn me of those cookies. The software also found malware and Softonic, Mobogenie, Delta search, Babylon, Rocketfuel and conduit toolbars that ESET failed to detect.

Although HITMan Pro works great, it must be run or scheduled to remove infected files. This is one of its major limitations.

When it was idle, this application consumed 14 MB of RAM on my PC. When its scanner was active, the RAM usage went up to 230 MB.

Hitman Pro 2

Hitman Pro UI

The interface is not very complex. Colors and font used in HitmanPro are eye friendly.


Single PC version of this software will cost you $25 for 1 year and $50 for 3 years. If you want to run it on three different computers/laptops, you’ll have to spend $37 for one year license.

Along with this software, the developer has also launched HitmanPro.Alert and Kickstart programs. HitmanPro.Alert is a free tool that protects you from being a victim of online crime.

The crypto guard utility will keep all ransomware away from your computer. Kickstart application will load itself every time when Windows OS will boot. Its process will load only the required Windows drivers, services, apps, etc. It will block all types of ransomware.

Download HitManPro for Windows.


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