The default remote desktop connection tool in Windows allows you to access the files and folders stored on other computers, but it doesn’t offer too many options. Teamviewer software is considered as its best alternative, but getting used to it takes some time. If you want to connect your PC to a remote computer quickly, then you should start using the AnyDesk freeware.

AnyDesk is a strong and lightweight remote desktop client for Linux and Microsoft Windows OS. It takes 1 and a half megabytes HDD memory and packs with a lot of functions.

The program works without installation. Download and open the executable file to begin using it. Using AnyDesk is a child’s play. Once you run it, this software will display a tabbed window with options to create a new connection and navigate to the settings tool.

In AnyDesk, the computers are identified by a unique number. The number will be generated automatically when you run this program. It will be generated only once. Hence, remembering the receiver is easy.

Unless you’ve bought a static IP Address, there’s no guarantee that your PC will be assigned the same IP each time you connect it to a local or internet network. AnyDesk makes remote access easy by allowing the users to enter a constant number instead of an IP address.

Anydesk download freeware remote access program

To establish a new connection, enter the computer’s AnyDesk address in the text box displayed in the remote desk section of this program. You won’t get the number unless you install this program on the other machine.

While creating a new connection, the user can set a password for allowing unattended access to their computer. If you don’t want to use AnyDesk portable version, there’s an option to install the standalone version of this program.

once you enter the AnyDesk address, click on connect button. The user of the other computer will now be prompted to accept or reject the connection.

When the connection request has been accepted, you can easily access the desktop of the remote PC. You’ll also be able to manage files, settings, programs, etc.

The program will save the connection in its taskbar so that you can use it later. You can create as many links as you want. You can also delete, rename, remove a link or create its shortcut on the desktop.

In AnyDesk settings, you’ll be allowed to change the user interface language and disable its taskbar.

AnyDesk allows you to manage security, privacy, display, audio and connection settings.

anydesk settings

In the security section, you’ll be able to enable/disable the interactive access mode which runs in the background. You can set a password for permitting unattended access of remote PC users to your computer.

If a session has been saved, you can clear it from the security settings of AnyDesk. The security section has an option to enable or disable the permissions for accessing your computer’s monitor content, sound output, keyboard/mouse, and clipboard.

By default, AnyDesk will use the Windows username and image to identify the user. You’re allowed to use a custom name and a custom picture. To do so, navigate to the privacy settings section of AnyDesk.

In Display settings, you can change the audio/video quality and the view mode as per the network connection speed. You can activate the fast render mode and specify the hardware acceleration module.

The connection settings allow the user to use HTTP-Proxy module. You can also specify a port for the incoming connections.


  • Fast and lightweight.
  • Router configuration is not required (works great with an existing network connection).
  • Supports Microsoft Windows and Linux OS.
  • Support for Android, Mac operating systems will be rolled out.


  • None.

My Verdict

AnyDesk is an impressive remote access software. With this program, it hardly takes a few seconds to connect with other computers. Because of its simple UI, managing sessions and settings is an easy task.


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