The Windows OS provides three powerful tools for repairing Windows errors. Frankly speaking, the tools have limited functionality and they are programmed to fix only a handful or errors. For instance, the check disk utility scans the partition where you’ve installed Windows OS. If it detects file system error, the check disk tool will fix it.

The Restore utility will restore Windows to an earlier date. The Reset tool will factory reset your Windows PC. This is probably the best feature of the Microsoft operating system, but it may delete programs, remove your settings, etc.

To fix errors without losing your settings or data, you should consider using the following tools.

6 Best Windows Repair software

7Windows Repair Toolbox

WRT is a brilliant program that can fix a wide range of issues in the Windows operating system. It enables you to download small yet powerful utilities to diagnose the computer, check CPU performance, repair Windows OS, backup the files, uninstall programs, etc.

To download the tools, navigate to the 1st tab of the tabbed interface and click on the buttons having the tool name as a label. WRT will display the download progress. Once it downloads the portable file of the utility, WRT executes it.

WRT allows you to fix malware issues. It enables users to export the analysis data to a file. To download the third-party tools with Windows Repair Toolbox, you must connect the PC to the internet.


FixWin is a free program that groups over 30 Windows errors in the following 4 categories:

  1. Internet and connectivity.
  2. Windows 10.
  3. System tools.
  4. Additional fixes.
  5. File Explorer.

You must explore the categories and find the error. Once you find the error, click on the button with the label “Fix”.

The program can fix the following errors reported by Windows OS:

  • Start menu not working.
  • Windows update stuck error.
  • Error code 0x8024001e.
  • WiFi not working problem.
  • Windows components error, etc.

Apart from fixing errors, the tool comes with an option to disable the Microsoft One drive service. FixWin has a nice interface and its size is about 130 KB.


Want to know why your PC is showing the Blue Screen of Death error? Download and run the free WhoCrashed tool. WC’s frontend boasts a button to analyze the log files.

When you click this button, WhoCrashed will begin analyzing the crash dump data generated by the OS. Once it finishes reading the file, you must use the program’s export option to get the analysis report. Make sure that you open the report and go through it carefully.

4Complete Internet Repair

Sometimes, the broadband connection you’re using might not work as per your expectations. When you report the problem to the customer support team of the internet service provider, the CSE may advise you to check DNS configuration, browser settings, etc.

New users may not be able to follow the technical advice unless they use the Internet Repair tool. CIR provides an option to repair the following problems:

  • Proxy server configuration, TCP/IP settings, SSL/TLS.
  • Windows firewall, Workgroup computer view, etc.

Complete Internet Repair offers a utility to troubleshoot PC modem. It enables you to clear Windows update history, renew internet connection, etc.

CIR can fix several network related issues. It is a powerful utility.


If you’re concerned about your privacy or if you think that Microsoft is sending your data to another computer without your consent, you must use the free W10Privacy tool to fix this issue.

W10Privacy provides 1-click option to fix 100+ privacy issues on Windows 10 OS. It doesn’t prompt you to run the program as an administrator, but if you run W10Privacy as an admin, the program will unleash options related to system apps.

2Tweaking Windows

The program has a strange name but it is really effective in fixing Windows error. TW doesn’t fix the errors automatically. It displays a list of errors along with a checkbox. You must select the problems your PC is suffering from. Then, you must click on the “Start Repairs” button. Once you do so, TW will analyze your system and fix the selected errors.

To test whether the tool has fixed the problem, reboot your PC and start using Windows OS again. To see what changes the program has made to the system, open the Tweaking Windows log file. TW saves the file in the “Program Files” directory of the C drive.

Conclusion: The above Windows repair software will fix several issues on your PC. If one or more features of the Windows OS is not working on your computer, make sure you download and use the above programs.



  1. Jimmy Broadwater

    How about coming up with a program to fix WinXP. I have a big problem with my pc with WinXP on it. The OS is corrupted and I can not boot up the pc. I can’t use my original WinXP disk because I need the administrators password which I don’t have or remember putting one in. I don’t want to use the reinstall fetcher as it will destroy all my data and I can’t let that happen. Have been work for a month trying to find something to either get the password or repair WinXP without deleting the data.


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