Because of the several security flaws, people with good knowledge of programming and security target and try to exploit Windows operating systems users by writing malware and adware programs. AdWare target internet users. They install a browser extension programmed to display plenty of advertisements each time the user opens a website. They also change browser settings so as to prevent users from removing the extension. AdWare removal tools detect and remove unwanted extensions.

Malwares are far more dangerous than AdWare. They steal bank account information, track user activity, make changes to Windows PC, and more.

One of the best free methods to keep PC safe is by enabling Windows Defender, Firewall service and using a good malware removal software. Malwarebytes is a great free malware remover, but it doesn’t detect and remove AdWares. AdwCleaner works like a charm, but it keeps malware running on the system.

A new program which promises to remove both malware and adware is ZHPCceaner.

ZHPCleaner 2016: Features and performance

zhpcleaner free malware adware remover for Windows

ZHP is a small system tool which takes about 7 to 8 megabytes storage memory. Once the user runs it, he’ll see a dialog box with options to accept or decline terms and conditions.

Click on accept to enter the main interface which has the following options:

Scanner: Before the scanning operation begins, ZHPCleaner downloads the latest AdWare/Malware definition database from the web. The program then scans Windows critical paths, and registry to find hidden threats. Scanning may take few minutes depending on the number of system files, registry entries, and directories your PC has.

Repair: Once the scanning task completes, ZHPCleaner will show a list of malicious files it has found in a popup Window. If the list is empty, your PC is safe. If you see one or more items in the list, click on the repair option on the main Window.

Before removing threats, ZHPCleaner will make you aware of it. Be sure to go through the list else you may end up deleting an important file. The program takes a few seconds to delete malware from your system. Once the cleanup operation completes, restart the computer.

Reporting: ZHPCleaner keeps a record of malware, adware threats it has removed. To see the records, click on the report button.

How effective is the freee ZHPCleaner program?

ZHPCleaner found 26 PUPs on my system, which means it works. It consumes a low amount of RAM and doesn’t run in the background.

Conclusion: If you’re searching for a tool which finds and deletes malware and AdWare from your Windows PC, you should try out the ZHPCleaner (download link)


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