Greenfish Icon editor is one of the simplest and fastest ways to make Icons on Windows PC. GFIE aka Greenfish is a tiny program with numerous features. You can create icons of various sizes and shapes in a few minutes with the GFIE.

Greenfish is a freeware icon maker. The program has been labeled as Greenfish Pro because it offers premium feature free of cost. The users will see a welcome note along with the below options when they install and run GFIE on their PC.

Making a new icon with the Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.5 is an easy task. To create one, click on the create a new graphic option. Now, the program will ask you to enter the below details:

  • Icon size in pixels and shape (square).
  • Frame duration.
  • Page DPI aka resolution.

Click on the OK button after you enter the above details. Now, the Greenfish Icon Editor Pro will display a canvas module on which you can draw shapes, paste images, etc.

greenfish icon editor pro 64 bit

Like other premium photo editing software, GFIEP Pro 3.5 lets you add, delete and merge layers.

GFIEP Pro supports tabbed Windows. Hence, you can edit/make many icons at the same time.

You can save your ICON to your computer in one of the below formats.

  • Icon, cursor, animated cursor.
  • Apple icon image, PNG, X-Pixmaps.
  • Windows Bitmaps, JPEGs, GIF.
  • TIFF, PCX, JPEG 2000.

Greenfish icon editor Pro allows the users to automate tasks with scripts. Scripts are like macros. You can run them to perform various operations.

greenfish make icons

Greenfish Icon editor offers the below painting tools:

  • Rectangular and elliptical selection.
  • Lasso, magic wand, pencil.
  • Transform, crop, hotshot.
  • Eyedropper, retouch, text, brush, etc.

Apart from the painting functions mentioned above, GFIEP provides 20 filters. This program lets you:

  • Create Windows and MAC icons from an image.
  • Make Android drawable from a picture.

Libraries in the Greenfish Editor are the collection of icons and other useful resources.

The Greenfish icon editor program lets you convert images to supported formats with its batch converter tool.

Conclusion: An icon is one of the most important images on a computing device. Icons make locating applications on the desktop and in the folders easier for the user.

If you are searching for a tool to make an icon for your program, download and use GFIEP. GFIEP is a useful tool for the users who want to make changes to the icons saved on their PC.

Download GFIEP here (32/64 bit or portable) from its official website. Try it out. You will like it.


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