There’s good news for the MTS MBlaze users. The Indian network service provider has revised its 3G broadband internet plans. As per the new pricing, prepaid customers will now be able to enjoy 20 GB of data transfers for 30 days at just 999 Rs.

Postpaid users will get 40 GB usage for 1 months duration. This is an unlimited plan in which user will be allowed to transfer 10 gigabytes (20 for postpaid) of data during daytime and as well as in the night.

The connection speed would be 9.8 Mbps. After you’ve reached the 20 GB limit, your data transfer rate would be lowered to 64 kbps. The new MTS plans are applicable for Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Kolkatta, UP-West, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka circles.

MTS MBlaze WiFi plans

For attracting more customers, the company is also offering the 3G plus dongle at a discounted rate. Thus, you’ve to pay around 1000 rupees as a prepaid customer. If you’re planning to be an MTS postpaid service user, you’ll have to spend 1290 Rs to get the dongle.

TATA photon, priced at 1990 Rs offers similar plans, but it offers speeds up to 21.1 Mbps on 3G plus network. To get more details on Mblaze WiFi plans for your circle, please visit MTS website.

Well, I’ve been using MTS Mblaze dongle since 5 to 6 months, and I’m very much impressed with the internet speed. 225 days of my usage, I have experienced just one single technical problem. The speed is constant until you reach the data usage limit. The reports are accurate.

MTS Dongle is easy to set up. It can be installed on Linux operating systems too. When you insert MTS Mblaze WiFi in your PC’s or laptop’s USB port, the Windows autorun manager will start the Mblaze application.

You have to use this application to connect your computer to the internet. If the software is not installed, auto-run will run its setup.


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