Facebook has become a complex social networking portal. Like other major websites, It gets updated with new features every week or month.

The new features are not annoying but some of you folks may not use it. FB provides an option to hide various interfaces/widgets that appear on Facebook.

Frankly speaking, FB has over 100 customization options. You’ll have to spend some time in finding the module to remove features you find annoying.

Instead of wasting your precious time in locating the option, consider using the free Social Fixer extension.

social fixer facebook customizer for chrome

Here are the cool features of this free Facebook Customizer for Chrome:

The extension comes with stealth mode feature. When you enable this feature, Social Fixer will hide the following modules on Facebook:

  • Friend request button.
  • Comment form.
  • Like Buttons.

If you have the habit of visiting others Facebook profile often, make sure you enable this option.

The Social Fixer extension enables users to bulk mark the Facebook messages as read or unread.

One of the coolest features of the Social Fixer extension for Chrome is its ability to hide Facebook features you don’t want to see or use.

Its hide parts feature lets users remove the following elements:

  • Your Facebook DP and name.
  • Shortcuts section.
  • Hyperlinks below the Explore and Create labels.
  • Trending section.
  • Birthday reminder widget.
  • And more.

The Social Fixer extension comes with Anonymize Screen option that allows you to share the screenshot of the current page without compromising your privacy. It changes your name, address, your work location, skills and hides profile pictures of your friends.

Hide posts containing specific words

If you want to hide posts having a specific word or phrase from your newsfeed or timeline, open the Social Fixer Settings page and choose the Hide Posts option. Now, enter the phrase or word in the text box.

Apart from manually entering words, the extension includes pre-defined filters to block news on:

  • Elections or politics.
  • Football.
  • Pokemon Go.
  • Shared moments.
  • People you may know module.
  • And more.

Facebook customization

The Social Fixer extension allows its users to customize the fonts on Facebook. It lets you change the size of text, remove left and right columns, hide or show photo tags, etc.

Apart from the options mentioned above, the extension makes you aware of some useful Facebook tips. It has the option to import or export the settings of the extension.

If you’re planning to re-install Google Chrome browser, make sure that you back up the settings before you open the program uninstaller tool.

The Facebook Customizer extension for Chrome is available for download on the Chrome Web Store.

How to remove Social Fixer

It’s easy. Right click on the extension’s icon on the Chrome toolbar and select “Remove from Chrome” option. That’s it!

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