Google Chrome is a great browser but its font settings are confusing. If you use the browser for a long time, your eyes may hurt. This is because of the font rendering issue caused by the graphics card or driver on your computer.

I use Linux and Windows on my laptop. The text is clear in Chrome running on Linux. In Windows, the text on web pages appears blurry.

Because of the poor font rendering in Chrome the Windows OS, the browser will no longer be your favorite. You’ll switch to another browser in Windows.

How to fix font rendering issue in Windows OS?

Before implementing the solution, I tried changing fonts settings provided in the browser. Unfortunately, the settings didn’t improve the font’s sharpness.

I explored the Chrome Webstore to find an extension which would change the default font to something else.

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The extensions didn’t work as well. I altered the ClearType settings in Windows. But this didn’t make the text clearer.

Google chrome font rendering issue

While exploring the WS, I found a free extension called Font Rendering Enhancer. I installed the plugin from the Web Store and enabled it. To my surprise, the text visibility issue in Chrome was fixed instantly.

The Font Rendering Extension automatically makes the text on the web pages darker and look clearer. The extension is lightweight. The size of its installer file is 570 Kilobytes.

It comes with a settings interface where you can adjust the width of the font. That’s it!

The plugin was launched way back in 2014 but has a rating of 4.71. The free Font Rendering Extension works like a charm.

If your eyes hurt while using Google Chrome, the plugin should fix the issue for you.

Alternatively, you can try out the following extension to make text clearer.

Dark Theme: The Chrome browser enables users to download and install free themes from the web store. Top rated themes are stunning. They can reduce the strain on the eyes by making the UI and text color comfortable to your eyes.

You’ll find several types of customizable themes on the Chrome WS. Make sure you install the theme and customize it as per your requirements.

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Conclusion: If you’re having a hard time in reading content on your favorite website, you should install the extension we’ve mentioned above to fix the issue.


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