You may have seen an ad on a website that requests you to download a wallpaper, theme or a software on your PC. These advertisements are generated dynamically by Google Adsense,, and other major CPM/CPC ad networks.

For Google, the user experience is always at the highest priority. They’ve clearly mentioned in AdSense terms and conditions that a user is allowed to place maximum three ads on a page. If any website is violating this guideline, Google will automatically lower its search engine rankings. However, Google search result pages might display more than 5 ads.

You won’t find ad-laden websites through the Google search result unless your PC is infected by an adware application. If a website is infected with a malware or virus, Google will either remove it from the search index or it will display “this site is harmful” message along with the website’s meta description.

Adware is horrible. When your computer or laptop is infected with it, you’ll see a plenty of ads floating all over the browser instead of a website that you want to access.

If you’re not connected to the internet, the adware application will be inactive. Adware can make your computer slow. They’ll reduce the download and internet browsing speed.

Some Adware scripts are so powerful that they bypass the powerful filters of Adblock plus Firefox plugin or Chrome extension. Powerful antivirus engines might fail to detect them as well.

For example, Lenovo Super Fish was undetected until some XYZ news website had revealed it. Adware will infect all types of application that require internet access. Removing them manually is an impossible task for a nontechnical guy.

For a security expert or skilled computer engineer, cleaning adware infection from PC or laptop is a piece of cake. If a user or the antivirus software ON his/her computer is not able to remove adware, they should install and run any of the below free tools.

Top 3 Best Adware remover for 2017

1BitDefender Adware removal tool

Bitdefender has launched plenty of top rated security free and paid security applications for Windows and Mac OS. Adware removal tool from Bitdefender is a freeware. You can download it from the company’s official website.

When you run the free Adware remover, Bitdefender will start scanning your PC immediately after you run the downloaded application file. It will check all HTML, XML, EXE, DLL files in important folders and archives. It will also scan plugins and extensions installed by your browser. Detected adware programs will be removed automatically.

BitDefender allows you to pause the scanning task. It is compatible with MAC, Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 operating systems.

Download  Bitdefender

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ADW is one of the smallest security software you’ll ever come across. Its setup file size is just 2 MB. AdwCleaner has an intuitive UI with a smart navigation system, progress bar and a scan, pause, clean, uninstall button.

To find AdWares or threats in your system, click the scan button. If you do so, this application will load its latest adware database and then it will start checking important Windows services, folders, shortcuts, registry elements, etc for potential threats. When scan operation is complete, the threats will be listed in a tabbed interface as shown below.

You are allowed to remove the infected files or useless programs by clicking on the clean button. Before cleaning, users can save the scanning report in TXT format. To do so, just click log files button.

Download AdwCleaner from Cnet

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Medic is a new but effective app to remove all types of adware from your PC. It has been designed only for Mac Lion and higher OS. Like the free AdWare remover software from Bitdefender, AdwareMedic works without installation.

If you own an Apple computer, MacBook or MacBook Pro, download the .dmg file of this application and run it. When you see the main interface (Windows), click the scan button. This freeware gives you an option to remove infected programs.

If it fails to remove the adware, take a system snapshot and share it with the online security experts. They’ll solve your problem. AdwareMedic has a powerful engine and it automatically downloads the newest adware signatures. It is being used by 1000s of Mac users.

Download AdwareMedic for Mac

The above three applications are the best Adware remover software for 2017. They’re absolutely free. They’re effective in removing all types of crap and floating advertisements, popups generators from your PC



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