When I reviewed Iobit Smart disk defrag program, I was impressed by its cool features and good performance. Thus, I decided to keep the Smart Defrag as the default tool to defragment the disk drives on my laptop.

Last night, I decided to give a try to yet another popular free Iobit software, the Advanced System care. ASC allows you to get rid of useless files and fix Windows registry errors. On its official website, Iobit claims that ASC can make your system faster by 300% and improve Windows boot time by 200%. Does this program work as claimed by Iobit, let’s check it out:

Latest Advanced System Care 9.3 Review

ASC setup file (latest version 9.2) is 41.5 megabytes large. You can download it from CNET. The file is not available on Iobit.com. When you click on download Advanced System care button on Iobit’s website, you’ll be redirected to the CNET site. So it’s better to get the setup from Cnet rather than wasting time on Iobit.com.

When you install and run Advanced System care, you’ll find the trademark black, Grey and blue color interface of Iobit. Iobit uses a similar interface in its other programs. The main Window of ASC boasts a tabbed pane and an XL sized scan button.

The tabbed pane has the below five tabs:

Clean and optimize

Advanced system care clean and optimizeIn this interface, the Advanced SystemCare program allows users to clean spyware, registry, junk file from their computer with the below tools:

Spyware removal: This tool will remove spyware from your PC if it finds one. It takes a couple of minutes to scan folders where spyware files commonly reside. If it finds a spyware, ASC will display an option to remove it.

Registry Clean: This option lets users clean invalid entries and errors from the Windows registry. Once the registry has been scanned, the program will display a fix button. Click on this button to get rid of registry issues.

Privacy Sweep: With this function, you can clean cache files, cookies, sessions saved by the web browsers and other applications.

Junk Files Cleaner: This utility is similar to the Windows disk cleaner. With it, you can get rid of junk files created by Windows OS.

Internet Boost: If your internet connection speed is slow, run this tool. Iobit’s Advanced Care’s internet booster will optimize and tweak the browser’s settings so that you can browse your favorite websites faster. It will also change TCP settings.

Shortcut Fix: This tool will find and remove broken or invalid shortcuts from your PC.

Registry Defrag: If your system has become slow, then you can improve its speed by defragmenting the registry with the Advanced System Care software.

System Optimization: This tool will disable unneeded Windows services for improving the response time of Windows. It will tweak system configuration file and change the default Windows UI settings.

Security Defense: Along with the spyware protection, this is yet another security tool offered by the Iobit Advanced System care program. Security defense allows users to block cookies from many popular advertisement networks. It also lets you disable third-party browser helper objects in Internet Explorer browser.

Disk Scan: With this option in ASC, the user can find and fix disk errors quickly. Advanced System care can scan the partition where you have installed the Microsoft Windows OS without making you restart the computer.

Vulnerable: Advanced System care’s vulnerability detector tool will detect security holes/issues on your PC, and it will allow you to fix the same.

Disk Optimization: This function will optimize unoptimized disks on demand.

Speed up

Advanced System care speed up PCThis tab allows you to optimize your PC with the below utilities:

Turbo Boost: ASC Turbo Boost is s special module which can be configured to disable certain Windows services or services started by third-party software. It will free up RAM and reduce heavy usage of CPU. Turbo Boost allows you to choose one the below modes:

  • Work: Selecting the work mode will result in better performance of the application which you’re currently using.
  • Game: When the user selects the game mode, unnecessary services will be terminated to free up system resources for good gaming experience.
  • Economy: This mode will automatically reduce power consumption and improve battery life.

Startup Accelerate: It fixes the slow startup problem of Windows OS.

Deep optimization: DO tool will run a comprehensive scan of your PC, and it will help you in solving the disk related issues.

Toolbar Cleaner: If a software or browser extension has installed a toolbar in your favorite browser, this option in Advanced System care will help you in removing it.


Advanced system care protect PCAdvanced system care protection interface has a function to prevent other programs from changing your favorite homepage and default search engine. It has an option to prevent malware, trojans, and other malicious programs from changing the Windows DNS settings, enable the safe browsing feature and reinforce Windows 10 privacy settings.

Toolbox and Action Center are two biggest annoyances of this free system tune-up program. You can ignore it.

Conclusion: If you have never run the disk cleaner and disk defragmenter utilities in Windows and if you’ve installed plenty of useless programs on your PC, you’ll experience a noticeable improvement in the performance of your system if you run each and every tool offered by the advanced system care software. Other users will not find any major improvement in the speed of their computer.

ASC might be a free program, but it has a lot of advertisements. You’ll find most of the ads in the Action Center and toolbox tabs. Below the tabbed pane, there’s a horizontal banner which asks you to upgrade to Advanced Care Pro version.

People who’re using a tune-up system program for the first time will be amazed at ASC.

Advanced System care is very much similar to the free Glary Utilities, CCleaner, and the Iolo system mechanic. If you prefer using an ad-free software, consider installing one of these three programs.


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