The Microsoft Windows OS provides tools to clean useless files and defragment hard disk drives. Frankly speaking, you won’t experience notable improvement in the performance of your computer even after running the two tools.

When you remove a program from the computer, you’ll see a dialog box that asks you to remove some files manually. Furthermore, the third-party programs you download and install from software downloading sites will make changes to the Windows registry.

When you uninstall these programs, the Windows uninstaller may not remove the program’s registry entry. If you don’t remove these entries, the performance of your system may degrade in the future.

There are several other issues Windows OS users face. Fortunately, most problems you encounter while using the operating system are fixable.

To remove useless shortcuts, empty folders, and optimize the registry, download and use the below programs.

Best PC cleaner software for Microsoft Windows OS


CCleaner is one of the most popular PC cleaner programs. It is a small utility program that provides 50+ features. You can use it as a replacement for the Windows control panel, service manager, and disk cleanup tool.

CCleaner uses a powerful algorithm to analyze registry and hard disk drives. It identifies useless files on the storage device, orphan entries in the registry and allows you to remove them.

CCleaner allows users to prevent services from starting automatically in the background.

The free PC cleaner software includes drive wiper tool through which you can erase directories and files from the HDD permanently.

You can configure CCleaner to work in the background. When you enable this feature, the program will analyze the HDD periodically. CCleaner will display notifications for the issues it has found.

Over 500 million people use CCleaner every day.

2Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a free PC tuneup software that detects and removes unwanted files. It also provides tools to make Windows faster.

Glary Utilities makes users aware of the time taken by their computer to boot Windows OS. If your computer has a fast processor, plenty of RAM and the OS takes over 50 seconds to boot up, then this free program can fix the problem for you.

This program allows users to schedule PC maintenance tasks. It can update outdated system drivers, free system memory used by inactive processes, detect and remove tracking cookies, malware, etc.

Glary Utilities supports 1-click maintenance and 44 languages. It can encrypt and decrypt files. The program has an option to backup files. It can display full information about your system.

3Atomic Cleaner

Unlike other programs we’ve covered here, Atomic Cleaner offers just 2 functions, clean system and delete leftovers from browsers and games.

AC displays the last scan date on the main interface. It displays the full list of unwanted files and their location. It takes few seconds to free up storage memory occupied by junk files.

Atomic Cleaner performs in-depth scanning of your PC before generating the report. It can remove old Windows log, crashdump, and error files. Atomic Cleaner is one of the smallest programs on our list of best PC cleaner software.

4Slim Cleaner

Slim Cleaner is yet another popular free PC tuneup utility program for the Windows family of operating systems. SC has powerful features. Unlike other programs we’ve mentioned in this article, Slim Cleaner allows you to clean leftovers of specific programs.

Slim Cleaner allows you to rate software you’re currently using. It makes you aware of applications with a poor rating and bad reviews. To improve the computer’s performance, you should remove these programs.

Slim Cleaner gives you access to a powerful cloud antivirus tool. SC will upload the executable file to its servers. The executable is analyzed by 5+ powerful antivirus engines.

Slimware Utilities Slim Cleaner lets you remove extensions from browsers without opening the web browser. It can clean unwanted registry entries and update outdated programs.

5Kaspersky Cleaner

Kaspersky is one of the most trusted security firms in the world. Over 400 Million people across the world use its web security and antivirus products.

The firm had introduced a PC cleaner software last year. The Kaspersky Cleaner is a user-friendly program that frees up storage memory by deleting junk files. It also allows users to safeguard their privacy and disable Windows OS features that send your data to Microsoft with a single click.

Kaspersky Cleaner allows users to select the folders they want the program to analyze. Once it finishes analyzing the folders, it displays option to optimize the system.

Conclusion: The free PC cleaner software we’ve mentioned above use sophisticated algorithms to distinguish important and unimportant files. If your computer has become slow or has plenty of broken shortcuts, 0-byte files, use the programs we’ve shared above.



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