PDF is one of the most important file formats in the world. Every day, millions of PDFs are created for various purposes.

Portable Document Exchange files are easy to create, but you will have to use the right tool to do so. The Ableword program will allow you to create them for free. It has a function to convert PDF files to some other format, a feature usually found in commercial PDF software.

For converting a document with Ableword, the user will have to first open it. There are many tools that work in exactly the same manner as Ableword. The problem with these tools is that user must open the file which he wants to convert.

If you want to create a PDF from any file saved on your PC without opening the file, then you should try out the doPDF software from Softland.

DoPDF is one of the most downloaded PDF software. It has been developed for only one purpose i.e. converting text, MS word documents, presentations, images, Excel or open office spreadsheets to PDF files.

dopdf free download best pdf printer softwareThe program’s setup file size is more than 50 megabytes. Once installed, you can run it from the Windows start menu.

DoPDF is not a complex application. Because of its simple interface, it will save your time.

To create PDFs, open doPDF on your PC. Now you’ll see the main window of this program which has the option to select a printer and file. Select DoPDF from the list of printers. The window flaunts the below 5 buttons as well:

  • Preferences, browse, create.
  • Help and close.

If you want to generate a customized PDF file, click on preferences button. The preferences window has several options. It allows users to specify the page size. DoPDF has predefined paper sizes. It supports custom sizes as well.

This window includes an option for setting the page orientation to portrait or landscape. It lets you create several PDF copies from a single document. DoPDF supports dynamic scaling and you can set resolution (in DPI) for the content in the target PDF file.

download doPDF : preferencesOnce you change the settings in the preferences window, hit the OK button. From the main interface of DoPDF, click the browse button and select the input file. You can select any file you want.

Once you’ve selected a file, click on create button. Now you’ll see a small window that prompts you to:

  • Specify a target folder where the output PDF should be saved.
  • Select PDF quality (high, low, medium).
  • Enable embedding of fonts.
  • Open the converted PDF in the default PDF reader software on your PC.

dopdf convert any file to PDFClick on the OK button in this Window and your PDF file will be created. The output file will be watermark free.

DoPDF is an excellent program. Its only limitation is that DoPDF doesn’t have a bulk file converter module.


  • Fast.
  • Excellent features.
  • No watermark on output files.


  • Advertisements to try out or buy NovaPDF.
  • Doesn’t support batch conversion feature.

Conclusion: If you want to print PDFs quickly, try out this free tool from SoftLand. You’ll not be disappointed. You can use it without any restrictions on Microsoft Windows 10, 7, 8.1 or XP computers.


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