Listary is the perfect replacement for the inbuilt search utility in Windows OS. It is a free desktop tool that saves the time of users by allowing them to find files, folders, apps, system tools from a single interface.

The latest version of this program has been launched recently. The developers have added a bunch of new features to Listary 5.0. The features include a revamped Windows launcher through which users can open an executable file. The existing functions of the software have been improved as well.

Getting Started with Listary 5.0

Download the portable or standalone version of Listary on your PC from the official website and install it.

Once you run the program, you’ll be prompted to go through a small tutorial which explains how to use Listary.

If you’re switching from an earlier version of this program to the latest one, you can begin using the program straight away. New users should check the tutorial else they won’t be able to use this program.

listary file manegementAnyways, once the program has been enabled, it will run in the background continuously detecting keystrokes and triggering actions when the user presses a combination of some keys.

When the user presses the control key on the keyboard twice, Listary will open its search box.

In earlier versions of this program, users had to use the Windows key and S key combination to access this box on the desktop. In Windows 10, this combination has become a system hotkey. When you press these two keys, Windows will open its search function, which is now embedded in the start menu.

The user should enter the search query in this field. Local search results will be displayed on the fly. While testing Listary, I tried to find a couple of files that were saved in deeply nested folders. The program found the files faster than Windows search module.

Listary searchUsers can access the Listary’s search box when they’re using the Windows desktop. To do so, press any key on the keyboard.

Listary’s powerful search features can also be used in Windows Explorer. It works in conjunction with the search tool of Windows OS.

When you enter a search keyword in the search box, files that have the keyword in their name will be displayed in a list. The keyword in the file name will be highlighted as well.

This program supports web search. To use Google, enter gg in the search box followed by the search term and hit enter. The program will now open the search results page in the default web-browser software in your PC.

Listary’s web search tool supports Bing, Baidu, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay, IMDB, and Facebook.

Users can shutdown, reboot, hibernate or log out off their PCs through the Listary’s search interface. They can also create new directories by entering the mkdir command in the same interface.

To access the context menu of this program, double-click an empty area of the desktop or a Windows Explorer. The CM has options to:

  • Open recently accessed file/folder.
  • Disable key features for a specific application.
  • Show hidden folders and files.
  • Display file extensions.
  • Export list of files or folder to excel sheet.
  • Open applications folder.
  • Copy full path of the file to Windows clipboard.
  • Open command prompt, current file in the file manager and Windows Explorer.

Listary optionsLet’s have a look at the new options offered by Listary 5.0:

Actions: Here, you can check or modify the predefined hotkeys which will invoke Listary’s functions.

Appearance: If you don’t like the current look and feel of Listary, you can switch to another theme. There are more than 15 themes to choose from.

Search: This program supports filters. To check the list of default filters, click on the search option on the options panel.

Index: Listary builds its own index of files when you run the program for the first time. If its file and folder finder utility is taking a lot of time in finding files, click on force rebuild index option.

History: Listary maintains a list of files and folders which have been opened recently. To disable this feature, visit history settings.

General settings: Here, the user can enable quick search, fuzzy matching function and automatic update feature of this software. They can set Listary as the defaults Windows file manager instead of Windows explorer through GS.

Conclusion: Unlike Wox Windows launcher, Listary is an error-free application. It is fast and smooth. The program’s search function is the most impressive feature of this program.


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