When you’re at work or studying for the exams, you can easily get distracted by an email or a Windows notification pushed by messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, etc. If the notification is interesting, you can’t prevent yourself from visiting the website or reading the entire message. This wastes your time and affects your work.

To know how much time you waste online on social networking websites, in playing games or to know whether your employee is really putting hard work in the job or not, you should try out the WorkTime Personal Free computer and internet monitoring software.

Getting started with WorkTime Personal

Once you run the program, the WorkTime Personal software will open its main window which flaunts three large buttons to start or stop monitoring the computer and to open the reports window.

Below these buttons, you’ll find 4 widgets that display the time you’ve spent on social sites, in playing games, in browsing websites on the internet and the computer’s uptime.

Worktime personal free pc softwareThe program will begin monitoring the computer when you click the start button. If you’ve enabled its startup option, WorkTime Personal will automatically run in the background when the computer begins the monitoring of the system.

Clicking on the stop button will prevent WorkTime from monitoring the user activity.

The Widgets displayed in the main window are customizable. Users are allowed to add new widgets. They can also change the text color, icons and add border color to the icon.

The most interesting feature of this free PC software is its report section.

worktime personal free computer monitoring softwareWorkTime allows users to filter reports by date. To check your or employee’s activity between two dates, enter the from and to dates.

By default, Worktime categorizes the report data in the below 5 categories:

  • Internet social use.
  • Games Use.
  • Internet Use.
  • Computer use.
  • Software use.
  • Website use.

The program maintains a detailed log of your activities. The log can be accessed from the reports Window. It contains the activity’s date, begin time, end time, WorkTime, software which was used during the activity, the executable path of the software and the document, URL, domain accessed during the activity.

The WorkTime Personal monitoring software can be configured to monitor specific websites and applications. To use this feature, click on the options menu that you’ll find on the main interface and select edit app/URL groups option. Now you’ll see a small window that features a list of games, websites, and apps the program monitors by default. Click on add button and enter the group name.

Once the group has been created, enter the name of the application’s executable file or the website you want the program to monitor. When you’re done with entering the names, click on the OK button.

worktime settingsThe WorkTime Personal computer monitoring software saves the activity date in a database. To check where the DB is saved or to change its location, navigate to the settings panel.

The settings window has an option to backup the database. It lets you change the background color of the main window as well.

The WorkTime personal monitoring software displays tips on how to keep yourself healthy and focused on its status bar.

WorkTime Personal is a free computer monitoring application. You can get its executable setup file from the company’s official website.


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