The story of WhatsApp messenger is amazing. Jam Koum and his co-worker Brain action were rejected by two of the most powerful Internet companies, Facebook, and Twitter after which, they decided to launch a messenger app what we all know today as WhatsApp.

Despite working for IT companies, it is interesting that Jam Koum and decided to hire a programmer online. The coder was from Russia, and he was first discovered on a top freelancing website. The app was developed within few weeks.

Acton and Koum had invested all their savings in the development and maintenance of WhatsApp. Within few months, this instant messenger was active on millions of phones.

Today, around 600M people, use WhatsApp every month. It has become a free alternative to SMS. If Jam and Brain were not able to find the right coder online, we would have used Skype or FB messenger for communicating with friends.

The Internet is the most significant innovation by humans. Even if you’re staying a distant location, you can remain in touch with anyone using this technology.

WhatsApp founders Brian and Jam used The Internet to provide input to the Russian coder. The money was paid online. Freelancing websites are excellent as they are employed by highly skilled professionals.

If you have money, you can easily hire a freelancer online on these sites. Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make extra money online. If you’ve development, marketing, editing or writing skills, ensure that you create a profile on the below sites.

Top 7 best freelance websites for 2017


This site was launched in 2013 as Odesk. In 2014, the management team had decided to change the company name to UpWork. UpWork has a neat interface that makes navigation easy.

On this website, you can register as a freelancer or hire someone to do the job for you. Before offering a job, you are allowed to browse the profile of a freelancer.

On the profile, you’ll find some vital information about previous projects completed, pricing, reviews, number of hours worked, etc.

This freelancing website allows finding web developers, designers, virtual assistants, CSA, accountants, etc.

This freelance site features a rating system to make the hiring of top-notch professionals an easy task. If you’re a freelancer on Upwork, your work profile will be rated by your previous employer.

Upwork displays skills and location of a freelancer. When a job has been posted, people looking forward to work you will post a reply. Upwork is not a country-specific site.

No matter in what country you’re in, you can access and use it if you have access to the internet. This site charges 10% for every transaction.

Visit UpWork


This site was at the 1st position on Google when I searched for a freelancing site. Guru has a search tool aligned to the center of the homepage accompanied with a post a job button.

If you want to recruit someone online, enter the job type in the search and hit return (enter) key of the keyboard. Guru website has a database of over 1.5 million freelancers. Thus, relevant profiles of 100s of professionals will appear in a search result.

The search page has plenty of functions to filter freelancers. It displays the freelancer’s rating, pricing per hour, Get quote button, etc. Posting a job is free on Guru.

To get better quotes, you are allowed to signup for the featured plan for 30 dollars. Guru supports payments with PayPal. Registration is free on this freelancing website.

Visit Guru


This is one of the oldest freelancing websites. Founded in the year 1999 (during the dot-com bubble), Elance has become a trusted and reputed platform for hiring high-quality programmers, marketers, designers and mobile app developers. 1000s of jobs are posted daily on this site.

A million freelancers use Elance. Before hiring any person, you can go through the portfolio samples or resume of a freelancer. Like UpWork, Guru, the job posting is free on Elance.

This site has reporting tool and many other useful modules. It charges 8.7% per transaction.

Visit Elance


This is one of the best sites to hire website developers. has a job board like interface. To hire a designer, post a short description of your project along with your budget.

Developers will express interest in your posting, and they’ll start bidding. Accept the lowest bid and wait for the proper reply from the freelancer.

This site has over 10 million registered users. It is active since 2009. If your project has been completed, you’ll have to pay 10% to

Visit Freelancer

4Total (Top talent)

This site recommends you hire the top 3% developers that are shortlisted after a thorough screening of their experience and educational background. Toptal shortlists top profiles. Thus, you can say that the best freelance programmers are on this site.

Toptal is available only in some countries. To check the availability of its services in your area, try to register an employer account. Eligibility criteria for applying as a developer (Engineer) is strict.

You’ll have to adapt to the timings and follow the requirements put forward by the clients. Some of the top customers of Toptal are Airbnb, Zendesk, Pfizer, etc.

Unlike above websites, profiles of developers on Toptal are complete and detailed. Your budget should be minimum 1000 dollars To hire a developer on this freelance site.

Visit Toptal

3Get a coder (GAC)

GOC is one of the best freelance websites for IT related professionals. The interface of the Get A Coder website is similar to that of Visitors to this GAC can go through portfolio samples, seller profiles, and premium resources.

I discovered many startup companies (with 20+ employees) while exploring GAC. Thus, it is a great place to get your programming related work done. Posting a job and registering as a freelancer on Getacoder is completely free.


Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces for all types of freelancing jobs. Unlike the above sites, you don’t have to pay on an hourly basis on Fiverr.

Tasks on Fiverr are known as gigs. Reviews and ratings published by other employers are important. Make sure that you go through them before assigning a task (ordering a gig) on Fiverr.

When your work has been completed, you may have to pay anything between 5 to 75 dollars (5 for a single gig).

Visit Fiverr

Conclusion: Freelancing has become a career for many people around the world. Many startup companies use the above portals to get new clients.



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