Google Chrome is a powerful browser. Its features have improved considerably over the last 3 or 4 years. Billions of people trust chrome because it offers a secure browsing environment. After discovering its innovative and top class features, I’ve switched from Firefox to Chrome.

Do you know? You can make Chrome better by installing free extensions available on the Chrome web store.

Here’s the list of best Google Chrome extensions:

Top 13 Best extensions for Chrome

1Turn off lights

Turn Off Lights is a free extension that improves your online video streaming/reading experience by changing white background on the web-pages to a color of your choice. When you install it, a bulb icon will appear on the right side of your browser’s address bar.

If you click on this icon, Turn off lights will make the page look dark. In other words, TOL adds a better night mode option to your favorite browser i.e Google Chrome. This extension allows you to change video playback settings. It supports voice commands too.



The Fireshot extension makes capturing screenshots of website pages a piece of cake. It has options to take the screenshot of any part of the webpage. When your image has been captured, you can either print it to PDF file or save the screenshot to your PC in PNG or JPG file format. You can set hotkeys for the same.



If you’re a novice editor or writer, this is a useful extension for you. Grammarly scans text content for vocabulary, spelling errors and makes you aware of the grammar mistakes on the fly.

Errors will be highlighted on the page itself. This extension works on all popular websites that include WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIN, etc. It is used and trusted by several 10000 writers. Grammarly is the best grammar checker for browsers.


4Ad block plus

If you’re annoyed of irrelevant advertisements, popup and useless social network icons on websites, install ad block plus on your browser. ABP is a powerful plugin that works on all types of websites. It can block ads in Facebook news feed too.


5Zenmate VPN

This plugin adds VPN functionality to your Chrome. Install zenmate if:

  • You’re not able to access your favorite website (no need of opening a proxy site)
  • You don’t want to reveal your IP address to other users (browse anonymously).
  • You want to increase browsing speed.

Unlike most VPN services, you don’t have to create any account to use Zenmate.


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6RSS feed reader extension

Windows 7 OS comes preinstalled with an RSS widget. Frankly speaking, the extension is useless. With this Chrome extension, you can get news and updates from all your favorite websites on the fly with really simple syndication technology.

You can configure RFE to organize feed. The extension lets you mark/unmark an RSS item as read. It provides an option to display n number of feed titles at a time (n is a number set by the user). RFE allows you to set sound notifications and update interval time in minutes for website feeds.



If your system slows down when you open many tabs in Google Chrome, install OneTab. This extension will close all open tabs and it will free the system resources used by them.

Closed tabs will be showed in a list. To open the tabs, click on the list item. If you’re using Chrome for writing notes in websites, make sure that you save your work before clicking on the OneTab extension’s icon. If you don’t do so, your work will be wiped out from the memory (unless you copy it on the system clipboard).


8Google mail checker

Do you have a Gmail account? How do you check new emails? Open the inbox? Well, this extension will add a small icon to your browser.

When there’s a new email in your inbox, this icon will automatically display a count of unread emails. Clicking this icon will open your Gmail account in a new tab.

This extension has been developed by Google and it is pretty small in size. If you want to delete junk emails or read, listen the content in them without opening the Gmail account, install checker plus extension. The extension is a good alternative to email client software for Windows.



LastPass is one of the must-have extensions for Chrome browser. It allows users to save, manage and organize their passwords.

The passwords are encrypted with a powerful algorithm before they are saved to your PC. We’ve reviewed this password manager for Windows a few months back. Go through the review to know what it’s capable of.


10Click and Clean

All browsers store CSS, HTML, JavaScript files of websites and we call these files as the cache. These files are useful as they not only saves the bandwidth but they also improve the page load time.

Along with the JS, CSS, XML, HTML content, the browsers also save passwords, tracking cookies and other useful form data. Chrome includes a utility to remove this data. You can run this utility by visiting chrome history. If you want to have a look at the list of cached files before removing them, install click and clean chrome extension.

This plugin gives you an easy access to all pre-installed Chrome tools i.e. incognito window, memory/extension manager, cookies editor/remover, etc.


11Speed Dial 2

This extension will keep a track of the most visited URLs when it is active in Chrome. These URLs will be displayed on your browser’s home page whenever you open it.

Speed Dial 2 functions as a bookmarking utility. It allows you to sync bookmarks with other computers and mobile devices. If you use it, you don’t have to remember website addresses. You can change the background of Chrome with this extension.


12Sessions buddy (SB)

Sessions are created when the user has logged into a website. To manage the list of active sessions on Chrome, install this plugin.

SB is a useful extension for users who share their PC/laptop with other users. If you don’t want your friends or siblings to go through your messages on Facebook, emails or other social network sites, install this Chrome extension and remove active sessions before you hand over your computer to the other user.


13Evernote web clipper (EWC)

This Chrome add-on is useful as it allows users to copy text, article and full page content of any website.

The copied content is saved online on Evernote in the form of clips. EWC features many useful modules. It allows users like you to organize and manage clips. It supports bookmarking, screenshots, editing, etc.


Conclusion: The above list features the best Chrome extensions for 2017. Make sure that you install these addons as they’ll save your time, keep your online activity private and improve your productivity.



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