Find the cheapest D2H packages and discover the top DTH services that offer HD, SD, 2K or 4K set-top boxes here in this article. Tata Sky, Airtel, and Videocon are the top D2H providers. The companies use top-class latest INSAT, SES-7, and ST-2 satellites respectively for delivering MPEG-4 quality DTH services to the user’s premise. Their HD set-top boxes support surround sound technology.

Today, we’ll compare the features, plans, and pricing of Airtel DTH, Videocon, and Tata Sky. Thus, if you’re planning to buy a new DTH connection, go through this article.

Top 3 Best DTH in India: Tata Sky vs Videocon D2H vs Airtel

4Airtel DTH

Airtel direct-to-home service was launched in 2008. It has around 10 million subscribers. It allows you to watch 385 channels. Airtel DTH features 3 interactive services too. Airtel offers universal remote with its set-top box.

This remote is powerful and you can use it with your television as well as the box. Just like the above DTH provider, Airtel allows you to choose between SDTV, HDTV connection. The company is working on a 4K set-top box.

The picture/video quality in Airtel DTH is decent. Unlike TATA sky, there’s no official page for Airtel DTH. If you’re having issues with the signal or video quality, you’ll have to call the customer care center. You can also drop your complaint on the official Airtel India page.

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3Videocon D2H service

Videocon is a well know television, DVD player and smartphone manufacturer. It started offering direct-to-home television services in 2009. According to this Wikipedia article, Videocon has more DTH subscribers than Airtel. VD2H uses MPEG-4 video format and Dolby sound technology.

The UX that comes preloaded with the set-top box is as attractive and intuitive as that of its competitors. Videocon D2h features 500 channels. It allows you to connect wireless headphones. The auto and video quality in this DTH service is up to the mark. The plans and pricing of Videocon D2H are much cheaper than its rivals. People using this DTH provider are satisfied with the services offered by it.

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2Tata Sky DTH

This company was incorporated in 2004, and I was one of the first 1000 customers of this service. I have been using TS for 11 years and have never felt the need to switch to Airtel or any other D2H company.

Last year, I upgraded the SDTV connection to HD. Packages from this DTH provider starts from Rs 99 onward (for 122 channels). Apart from 296 channels, TS offers active music, cooking, games, fun, and learning English services. In this package, you’ll be provided 20 Doordarshan and 59 regional channels.

The customer support is excellent. If you’re facing any problem, post your query online of Tata Sky FB  page or call the CSE. Your problem will be solved within 2 or 3 days. Sometimes, it doesn’t take more than 24 hours for the same. The good thing about TS is that you can modify or drop packages online on its official website. You don’t have to call the customer care center to add new channels. Here are the latest TS plans and pricing.

In the last few months, Tata Sky has added a lot of new channels to its existing packages. It has also revised the subscription cost of each package by Rs 20.

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Comparison of best DTH services in India (2018)

Tata Sky Recharge Packages

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Along with the above packs, Tata Sky has introduced annual Platinum subscription plans that cost within 7200 to 8900 Rupees.

View newest plans here on the Tata Sky website.

Videocon D2H package list

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See latest D2H plans here on the official Videocon website.

Airtel DTH packages

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In addition to the above plans, Airtel offers an Infinity DTH pack which provides customers access to all SD and HD channels for an annual fee of Rs 5801.

Check latest plans here on Airtel website.

You can recharge your DTH account online via mobile wallet apps available for download on the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store.

Want to buy DTH online at the best price?

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Conclusion: Videocon D2h has the best plans among the other 2 DTH services that we have covered in this article. Its set-top boxes are priced in the same range.

The Videocon D2h is a good choice if you are planning to switch from Airtel or Tata Sky. If you’re happy with your existing DTH provider, don’t waste your money. Upgrade to 4K or HD DVR for a better experience.



  1. Rahul Mulik

    Tata sky is changing it’s packs value without informing customer.
    They check customer’s likes and change packages cost accordingly.

    Plan to change Tata sky.

  2. Akash

    I have been using Tata Sky for the last 2 years after buying Sony Bravia led tv. The tv experience is amazing as there are so many channels to watch. I recently subscribed to HD service. The channel quality is amazing. No complaints so far. The Tata Sky mobile app is free. You can watch your favorite channel on mobile anywhere anytime. The only thing I didn’t like about Tata Sky is its subscription fee which is on the higher side. Still, you can go for TataSky.

  3. Naveen Anil

    I felt like it’s time to change Airtel as it is being used for more than 10 years. Seems like it is better to stick to it rather than trying Tata Sky or Videocon. Waiting whether Jio will bring something to the party.

  4. Rocky

    TATA SKY is the worst. You need to wait for hours to reach customer care.

  5. Nalin

    There are endless complaints from various customers but there is no resolution from companies/ operators and no respite from the government either.

  6. K B Garg

    I had subscribed to the VIDEOCON New Diamond pack. It included ALL the sports channels. Some time ago it appears that SONY bought over all the TEN SPORTS channels and it discontinued airing these and also the NEO PRIME and NEO SPORTS channels without any notice. On contacting them I was told I have to now subscribe to them separately in clear violation of the contract. I wanted to complain to Consumers’ Forum but the fear of bureaucratic functioning of all our institutions made me give up the idea.

    Can anyone suggest to me how to bring VIDEOCON to justice for dishonoring the contract?

  7. Padmini Srivastava

    सरकार ने तो सभी केबल आपरेटरों को हटा दिया फिर ये बड़े बड़े उद्योगपति इस धंधे में टूट पड़े और गरीब जनता को सरकार की मदद से लुटने लगें। आज बाजार से कोई सामान खरीदने पर पसंद न आने पर उसको वापस किया जा सकता है और छोटे से छोटा दुकानदार सामान लेकर पैसा वापस कर देता है। पर ये बड़े बड़े उद्योगपति जिनको केवल पैसा ही दिखाई देता है इनकी छतरी रीचार्ज करने के बाद अगर आप नाक के बल भी खड़े हो जाए तो आपको एक भी पैसा वापस नहीं देंगे। सरकारी छत्र छाया में इनका बिजनेस फल फूल रहा है। मैं तो वीडियो डी2एच से त्रस्त आ चुका हूँ। मेरे टी वी में सारे चैनेल आ रहे थे सब्सक्रिप्शन ख़तम होने के बाद जब मैंने पुनः रिचार्ज कराया तो सारे चैनेल आने बंद हो गए। मेरे साथ लगभग हर दो तीन माह में ये घटना हो जाती है फिर इंजीनयर के नाम पर मैकेनिक भेज दिया जाता है जिसके 200 रु देने पड़ते है 4 से 5 मिनट में ये कंपनी वाले 200 रु कमाँ लेते है। जबकि एक मजदूर सुबह से शाम तक 300 से 500 तक कमाता है। मैंने एक बार वीडियोकॉन के अकाउंट में 1000 का रीचार्ज किया तो बिना किसी कारण के 300 रु काट लिए गए। जो कि 6 वर्ष बीतने के बाद आज तक वापस नहीं मिले। मैंने तो वीडियो कान डी2एच को OLX पर भी डाल दिया है। अगर कोई सज्जन वीडियोकॉन के समर्थक है तो मुझसे संपर्क कर सकते है मेरा मोबाईल संख्या 9452054364 है।एच डी चैनेल के नाम पर तो खुली लूट है।ये बड़े बड़े बिजनेस वाले जो गरीबो की खून पसीने की कमाई मारते है तथा धन के अहंकार में डूबे है भगवान् इनको इसका अवश्य फल देगा। क्योंकि वर्तमान में तो सरकार और अन्य कोई भी इस ओर ध्यान नहीं दे रहा है। किसी गरीब का आप 200-300 रु मार लोगे तो कोई बात नहीं मगर मजाल है कि कोई गरीब एक रु का भी सरकारी धन पचा ले।उस पर कितनी धाराए लगा दी जाएंगी कि उसकी पूरी जिंदगी कोर्ट कचहरी में गुजर जाएगी

  8. rajesh kumar

    Worst service of Videocon. Useless. Believe me never use Videocon. Also kindly recommend if Airtel is good for Goa.

  9. Suresh Tatineni

    Tata sky is very worst service and there are many hidden charges. I observed, boxes are very cheap quality and get disturbance for every 1.5 months and they replace the box with someone used. They changed three boxes within three years of time period. Customers should keep balance for Box replacement charges along with package amount along with that mobile charges to call Tata Sky call center for follow-ups. During follow-ups, a customer has to explain the complete problem which takes several minutes. It means every customer should keep the amount of package + box replacement + mobile charges. Which it takes more than 1000/- per month.

  10. Anni

    Videocon d2h customer service is the worst in India. I want to close my 2nd set-top box and even after 15 days, it’s not close. I am complaining every day and paying them for 2nd connection which I am not using. Every time I contact the customer care, they tell me it will take minimum 7 to 90 days.

  11. Kesavan Pillai

    I can’t understand one thing.
    Most of the people are complaining about Tata Sky, Airtel, and Videocon so which DTH provider should I opt for? Has any company introduced 4k HD DTH service in India? If possible pls guide.

  12. Sasanka Sekhar Panda

    I am using TATA SKY since last 7 years and subscribing their high end package having ID no- 1047531494. Sorry to say that, the behavior of customer care executives is worst. They are behaving very rudely & adamant. Can you believe that, they are not updating my recharge amount. Every time the facility in annual mega pack keep changing without informing the customer. Price also too high. While going to charge this year I came to know about a -ve balance. I don’t know with annual mega pack recharge how I accumulate -ve balance. They have disconnected my service on very next day of expiry. Now i am also not able to see the recorded programme also. When I called the Customer service center, payment of -ve balance is compulsory for me without conveying the reason.
    So I have decided to switch over for other service provider. My sincere request , Please do not use TATA SKY.

  13. Krishna Kumar Tiwari

    Videocon d2H is the worst. They ask you to pay money for solving the problem. The technician fixes the problem but issues still occur. The company is hungry only for money.

  14. Kailas

    Videocon d2h is the worst service and support. We have a common society antenna / dish. I am renewing it consistantely for 3 year with platinum HD plan. I never got a clear transmission and HD quality expected. First year their service centre said they will improve. Next year, they responded that your connectivity seems a issue, checked the same after days of delay and responded that the wire connecting my point and junction has some problem. Thus, replaced at my cost. They took service charge for site visit whereas ideally for platinum hd subscriber it is free support. I replaced the wire, but still the issue persists. Recently, my connection suddenly got disconnected, when enquired, their support staff very arrogantly responded that your connections is disconnected,. When enquired reason, he did not readily knew. Then he checked the system and again arrogantly replayed that you have not renewed. When questioned why I was not intimated over the call, sms, email via set top box service, they were not aware again. Took 15 mins hold time to check and replied, because you are a common antenna subscriber, such communication won’t go. Is there a logic? Antenna is just the connection medium, individual subcription matters and needs to track separately; now I am frustrated and looking out for better service provider.

    • manoj

      switch to airtel digital tv cheap package cost compare with videocon tata

  15. Munusamy

    Videocon d2h is the one and only worst d2h provider in India, Tata sky is best DTH in India

  16. Geetha

    Have tried Tatasky for 5 years, big cheats. Switched to Videocon, starting no worries, gradually all our favorite channels were blocked while useless channels like Naaptol, Gemporia are played, big cheats here too. We are charged for channels we do not want to watch, even Epic channel was pulled out. No response to emails. Calls to call centers do not help either.

    • ashok

      Same for me also

  17. Tarun kumar

    I’m using TATASKY for last 5 years. And it is a horrible experience for last 4 years. They are unable to fix a simple problem of fixing a dish. They fixed it with some bricks & stones. Can you believe this. Even I ve monthly subscription of about ₹650.

    • manoj

      exchange your set top box with airtel digital tv andriod smart 4k box annual subscription only 5800 all sd and HD channels

  18. Ron Grewal

    I have been using Videocon for 2 years and before that i had Airtel. I have Platinum HD so all HD channels. I love it, no complaints. Hd quality is same as Airtel but far better SD quality and you get unlimited recording via usb.

  19. Sumit

    Videocon D2H is worst one.. all useless channels.. like Russia news is free.. and some very good channels like V, ZeeQ etc are not available.. No option for daily recharge.. Cheat


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