Money is the most important thing in our life. If you don’t have it, life will be very difficult. Your kids, parents, and wife won’t be happy. If you’ve plenty of money, you might think of executing different strategies to increase your bank balance.

If you’ve low-income or if you want to make an online career, then please follow the methods I’ve shared below. These methods will help you generate extra cash online with very little investment. If you successfully execute them, then you’ll be able to earn extra money online.

How to make money online?

Start a blog

Blogging is one of the cheapest and most painful ways to make extra money online. This method should be followed only by the people who are ready to work hard, learn new techniques and spend 4 to 5 hours daily on the internet.

To begin with, think carefully on the topic you to blog on i.e., if you love gadgets then you should start a blog on phones, tablets, etc. Now, register a domain name with GoDaddy and sign-up with blogger.

Now, go through the best SEO techniques and practices. Once you’ve good knowledge of SEO, start writing posts on your favorite topics. Once your website starts receiving decent traffic, monetize it with Google Adsense or use any of the top affiliate networks.

5 Newest Ways to make extra money online working from home

Selling phones and gadgets online

Websites like Craiglist, OLX, and Quikr can be used to make real cash from the comfort of the home. In this method, you just have to buy used gadgets from the offline markets and sell it online on Classified sites at a higher rate.

If you own a small shop, you should sign up as a seller on Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay or Flipkart. These sites have millions of monthly visitors, and you can easily sell your product online through their platform. Most of the online retailers won’t charge you a penny for using their platform. You’ll have to pay them in the form of commission.

Upload Videos to YouTube

Frankly speaking, this is the easiest and the fastest way to make extra money without any investment. All you have to do is create an account on YouTube, record a unique video, sign-up with Google Adsense, upload your work and enable ads on your YouTube videos. With this method, you can earn hundreds of dollars every month. Your videos should be unique and must go viral.

Create an App

If you have good knowledge of Java or Objective-C, you should start working on an Android or IOS app. Once you’re done with the development and testing of the app, integrate it with ad codes provided by AdMob or any other major mobile advertising network. Now, publish your app to Itunes or the Google play store and promote it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you need some inspiration, read how Dong Nguyen earned $50000+ every day through his flappy bird app.

This app might not be available now, but its developer is still making 1000s of Euros with it. Games like candy crush, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, have made their developers multi-millionaires. If you are not fond of developing games, you can create a simple, useful app that has a lot of growth potential.

The above methods can be followed by teenagers, adults, and homemakers. [Image source]


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