Whether it’s IT, retail or any other organization, managers and leaders are paid well. Working as a manager or a team leader in an IT company is not possible without gaining several years of experience. Thus, if you’ve just graduated from a college or a University, you can’t become a manager or a team leader.

If you’re a computer science student, please note that getting a job in an IT company is difficult for freshers who haven’t scored good grades in their University exams. Thus, you should focus on getting good GPA, test scores so that you can easily get one of the below top high paying entry level jobs.

Top high paying entry levels IT jobs

Software Engineer: This is a job that requires you to have excellent knowledge of Java, C, C++, Python, PHP or any other object-oriented programming language.

You should also have excellent communication skills. Startups that are hiring programmers for website development may pay lower salaries. If you’re a graduate of a top institute like Harvard, IIT, you have a good chance of getting a pay more than 6 LPA or 10000 dollars.

If you crack interviews of top MNCs like Facebook, Microsoft or Google, you can get a salary of more than 50000$ or 30,00,0000+ Rs. Software engineers are paid better salary than the below IT jobs.

Requirements: Graduate or Post graduate degree in computer science or engineering.

Entry level salary: 4500+ dollars.

Top high paying entry level IT jobs

Application Support Engineer: To work as a Support Engineer, you must have a good knowledge of Unix commands and scripting. If you’ve coding skills, you’ll get a better role in the team. In an IT company, there are four levels of the support teams, L1, L2, L3, L4.

Freshers are placed in L1 or L2 teams. As an application support engineer, you’ll be monitoring the performance of a colossal CRM, OMS, applications.

The monitoring task involves checking log files for errors, developing modules or patches for the applications, automating work through Unix scripts, escalating issues to the higher level teams, etc. Don’t worry! You’ll be given a proper training on the application before you start monitoring it.

Requirements: Same as that of a software developer.

Entry level salary: 3500+ dollars per month.

Network Engineer: If you want to work as a network engineer in a reputed company, you should be prepared to work in shifts. You must have good knowledge of all networking protocols, devices and commands for both Unix and Windows OS. Just like Application support, there are 4 levels of network support teams.

Requirements: Any post graduate or graduate.

Starting salary: 3000+ dollars.

Software or game testing: If you’ve good knowledge of testing applications or games, there’s no better for you than this. As a software tester, you’ll have to use some testing tools to find the buggy code or defects in an application or game. If you find some errors or performance issues in a software, you’ll have to make the developers aware of it.

pros and cons of working in an IT organization:Image by Geralt, pixabay

Here are the pros and cons of working in an IT organization:

Benefits of Working in IT MNC like IBM, TCS, Infosys, Microsoft or Google

Good reputation: Engineers and doctors working for a reputed organization are respected in the society.

Better salary: Salaries offered to entry-level freshers in an IT company is better than other fields.

Traveling other countries: For working on case studies or training, IT engineers often have to travel to other countries.

Free snacks, coffee, and tea: Most of the IT companies have tea and coffee machines installed at their premises. Thus, employees don’t have to visit a nearby stall to refresh themselves. Some companies like Amdocs offer free snacks and cold-drinks to their IT employees.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of working in an IT company is that you’re dependent on the company for your living. Last year, many top companies decided to lay off 10 to 20% of their employees.

The Companies include Zynga, IBM, Microsoft and Nokia Corporation. If you’re forced to resign from an organization and if you have no other source of income other than the savings from your monthly salary, you’ll go through the most difficult phase of your life.


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