Here, you’ll find scooters for women, girls, and guys of all age groups along with their price. Scooters are much safer than bikes. They don’t have gear system. Hence, a person can easily control a scooty. If a road is congested with traffic, you can easily make a way for yourself because of the compact size of Scooty.

People who consider scooters as underpowered vehicles are wrong. As these two-wheelers have a powerful engine, they have a similar top speed as a 125cc bike. They have a good on road mileage of above 45 KMPL.

You can use a scooter for leaving your children to school, visiting local markets, office, college, etc.

Various two-wheeler manufacturers have launched their scooters in India. But the best ones among them are as follows.

Top 5 Best scooter in India for performance and mileage

5Mahindra Gusto

Gusto is one of the latest scooters in India from Mahindra Motors. It has astounding specifications. The unique feature of Mahindra Gusto that you’ll not find in another scooter is its adaptable seat. You can change the height of the seat as per your preference.

The keychain offered with this scooter incorporates a LED bulb and a button. The button hides the key. It will be accessible only when you press it. The LED ensures that the button is visible in the dark.

This keychain also features a “Find Me” button. On pressing it, your Mahindra Gusto will play a beep sound. This feature enables you to locate your scooter quickly in a parking area.

Talking about Gusto’s specs, this two-wheeler has an air-cooled M-TEC 110cc 4 stroke engine. It has tubeless tires, up to 85 KMPH top speed and fuel tank of 6 liters capacity. There are three Gusto models (with five color options) available for purchase, i.e., gusto HX, DX, and VX.

Price: 45000 to 52000 Rupees. (Depends on location and the model type)

4Hero Maestro Edge scooter

If you want a stylish scooter with great mileage, your search should stop at the latest version of Hero Maestro Scooter. This Edge scooter has a 110cc engine which delivers a smooth performance and contributes 8.3 Nm Torque at 8000 RPM. Its battery is maintenance free. Maestro Edge offers a maximum speed of up to 84 KMPH. The Hero scooter provides a self-start option and carburetor based fuel system.

The Maestro Edge scooter’s fuel tank can store six liters of fuel. It has CDI ignition module. It has telescopic front and a swing rear suspension system. This scooter has durable tires. Its mileage is under 59 KMPL (45 in the city).

Price: 55000 to 60000 Rupees.

3Suzuki Access scooter

Suzuki Access is one of the best-selling scooters in India because of its excellent controls and handling. Access is a reliable vehicle with beautiful appearances and a sturdy four-stroke 125cc air-cooled engine. On an average, Suzuki gives 50+ KMPL mileage on any roads as its engine is based on SEP technology. This scooter will not tremble when you ride it at above average speed/ It is lightweight. Hence, an average sized human can easily control it. The scooter has tubeless tires, a powerful battery, and a stylish 3D logo.

This latest scooter from Suzuki weighs below 105 kilograms. It offers CVT transmission. It has a maintenance free battery and a 6.01 liters tank for the fuel. Suzuki Access has a drum rear/front brakes along with telescopic rear and swing arm front suspension.

Price: 60000 to 65000 Rs range.

2TVS Jupiter scooter

Jupiter is one the latest scooter from the auto manufacturer TVS. According to TVS, Jupiter is a perfect vehicle for young guys and girls. It features the latest CTVi 109.7 cc engine that generates 5.89 kilowatts power 7.5K RPM. Weighing just 107.9 kilograms, TVS Jupiter has digital ignition system and hydraulic rear suspension. This scooter from TVS offers up to 62 KMPL of mileage.

The scooter’s tubeless tires are built with anti-skid technology. It has a nice 5 liters fuel tank. Jupiter is priced at Rs 50000 to 55000. Because of its light-weight body, TVS Jupiter is one of the best scooters for girls and young men. You can buy TVS Jupiter in two options i.e. electric and kickstart.

1Honda Activa I scooter

Activa-I is one of the most stylish scooters that you can buy in India. It is a must buy gearless vehicle for Honda motor fans. Activa-I is powered by Eco technology based 110cc engine that promises excellent mileage on any surface. This scooter has a long seat for the comfort of the rider and back-sitter.

Honda Activa I comes with a beautiful tail light system. It includes a multi-color instrument panel that flaunts speedometer and remaining fuel. Like gusto, the Activa I scooter offers tubeless tires. Honda Activa-I has a 5.3L petrol tank, V-Matic transmission and a max speed of 83 kilometers per hour (According to Honda motors). Mileage of Honda Activa-I is around 40/60 KMPL. Activa-I is the 2nd best scooter in India.

Price: 46000 to 53000 Rupees

Conclusion: We’ve not added some top-selling scooters like Honda Pleasure, TVS Pep/Pep Plus because their features have become outdated. The vehicles we’ve shared are equipped with engines built with the latest technology. They’re much easier to handle.

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