GSM technology has changed our lives. Because of this technology, we can stay in touch with our loved and dear ones by sending text messages or making voice calls. Now, the internet has started to take over GSM services. Instant messaging apps have begun to offer free VOIP calling services to their users. SMS service has been replaced by XMPP messages of the instant messaging applications.

With a popular IM app like WhatsApp, you can send messages to your friend or relative quickly, and you won’t be billed for it. GSM services are useful in many ways. But sometimes, they can lead to a headache. Many organizations use GSM technology as a marketing medium.

They outsource call centers to market their products via messages and phone calls. Hence, no matter what phone brand or telecom service provider you use, you’ll have to answer unwanted calls.

In case someone is irritating you with fake or blank calls or if a CSE of some organization is calling you repeatedly for selling a service or a product, install any of the below free Android call blocker apps to block unwanted phone calls.

Before you install any of the below apps, don’t forget to block the number in your WhatsApp or Telegram account.

5 Best Android Call Blocker apps for 2017

1Call Blacklist

Call Blacklist is a free application that features a toggle button to enable or disable its blocking service. It maintains a log file where you’ll find details of all rejected voice calls. CB allows you to update the blacklist from your contacts, messages or a file.

You are allowed to enter a number to the list of blacklisted phone numbers. You can use this app to block numbers from specific operator or country. CB requires about 5MB storage memory.

Along with calls, this app will automatically discard SMS messages from blacklisted contacts. CB has an easy to use UI.

As it doesn’t require a large number of system resources, this call blocker app for Android won’t affect the performance of the Android OS. CB is being used by over 5 million Android voice calling tablet or smartphone users.

Download CB

2Mr. Number app

Unlike Truecaller, registering your mobile number is an optional step in this app. If you don’t register your number, you won’t be able to use the reverse lookup utility of this app.

MN has a rule-based blocking system. It allows users to create rejection list for voice emails and phone numbers.

It has an option to block all types of incoming calls, regardless whether the number is in your contact list or not. In case you want to answer calls from particular persons, just add their numbers to the exceptions list.

Some of the notable features of this app are as follows:

  • Saves text content automatically after an SMS has been discarded.
  • Option to delete logs and history of rejected calls.
  • Displays caller location.
  • Runs in the background.
  • Displays popup with an option to block whenever you’ve received a call.

Space required: 15MB

Download Mr. Number

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3Call and SMS Blocker

CASB is an application that allows you to set a password for its settings interface. It lets you block SMS containing particular text. For example, if I want to block all messages that have words like free, games, please, I’ll add these three words to the add content filter of this app.

Call and SMS blocker displays plenty of advertisements.To get rid of the ads, you must buy the Pro version of this app for 2 dollars or your must disable the mobile data or WiFi connection.

Download CAS

4Clean Inbox

Clean Inbox is one of the best apps to block spam text messages on Android. When you install and run Clean inbox on your phone, you’ll see a list of all SMS messages received on your phone. To activate this app’s blocking feature, you’ve to select a number from which you don’t want to get text messages. Clean Inbox has a utility to export logs to a notepad file.

Required space: 10MB

Download Clean inbox

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5Caller ID app by Phone Warrior

The Phone Warrior app is similar to TrueCaller. You can create your profile and add a profile picture along with other useful details to let other people identify you. You can use the application as a reverse phone lookup directory to find details of unknown callers.

This application allows to you add numbers from your SMS inbox, call log, contacts to the blacklist. It has the option to block SMS and calls. Use this app if you don’t want to receive spam calls and messages on your handset.

Download Caller ID.

Bonus Tip: You can easily block calls from telemarketing companies with the DND service. To activate it, call your telecom service provider’s customer care center and request them to enable DND for your mobile number.



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