Although the PrtScr button on the keyboards makes it easy for us to capture a screenshot, we have to use an image editing tool to crop, resize images or highlight important information in it. The PrtScr button can become annoying if you have to take plenty of screenshots in short time period.

To avoid headaches, you should try out the inbuilt Windows 10 screen capture aka Snipping tool. You can run WST by typing “Snipping” in the taskbar’s search box. Once you run this screen capture utility, you will see a tiny window that flaunts a toolbar with the below four options:


Windows snipping tool lets you capture free-form, rectangular, full screen, active window screenshots. Click the New option on the toolbar to begin using these tools.


Here, users can set a delay time for Snip creation. The maximum delay time you can set is 5.


This option cancels the current snip and frees up the memory occupied by it.


This panel lets you set the default ink color for the inbuilt marker utility in WST. It has the option to hide the instruction text which appears below the toolbar. With this panel, users can configure the program to copy the captured screenshots on the Windows clipboard so that users can paste them in Paint, GIMP or other graphics editing software. Other settings that the user will find in this panel are as follows:

  • Option to include HTML URLs below the captured Snips.
  • Display a dialog box to the user for saving the screenshot or discarding it.
  • Enable screen overlays when the Windows 10 Snipping tool is active.

Windows Snipping tool : free screen capture utility

Along with the above options, you will also see a small message that explains how to use the Snipper.

The Windows 10 Screen capture aka Snipping tool features a highlighter tool with which you can highlight a specific text or object in the screenshot. It includes a pen tool that lets you write on the screenshot. You will find the pen utility useful only if you’re using a touchscreen laptop or Windows tablet.

Users can associate a mail program with the Windows Snipper to send the screenshot via email to other people. The tool ships with an eraser utility that lets you remove the content you have added with the pen or highlighter. WST lets you print the captured screenshot or save it as a PNG, GIF or a GIF file.

Conclusion: Windows Snipper is a good screen capture program for Windows operating system. WST will be better if Microsoft adds hotkey functionality to it.


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