Hola is a stylish launcher that flaunts clean and stylish UI. It allows you to change the font and customize the look and feel of stock or modified Android OS. Functionality and features Hola launcher can be improved further by downloading some modules.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to find modules. Users will be made aware of new modules while exploring the features of this launcher. Hola has good reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store. It is monetized with CPI programs. Hence, Hola will recommend you an app after certain time intervals. I have installed Hola launcher recently and today, I’ll be sharing its review with you.

Hola launcher review

Setup: Open the play store and search for Hola launcher. Now, tap on the launcher’s icon and click on the install button. Hola’s installation file of 2.07 MB size will be first downloaded to your device and then it will be executed automatically.

Hola boost: If you want to make your phone respond faster, tap on this tool. Hola boost is a fast application that takes few seconds to clear system memory used by unresponsive/idle Android apps.

Hola shine: This is a powerful utility that you’ll not find in Apus or CM Launcher. Hola shine categorizes Android apps installed on your device on the basis of its usage. It makes you aware of new apps you’ve used recently. It features a toolbox where you’ll find shortcuts to camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, Brightness control, etc. The User interface of Hola shine app is stunning and you can interact with it through swipe gestures and touch events.

HeartApp: This is yet another useful app that gets installed along with Hola launcher. HeartApp is similar to play store. It will recommend you some top free Android app or game on daily basis. You’re allowed to search apps or you can discover new applications by exploring the categories. If you’re looking for Google play store alternative, download Hola launcher and install it on your Android device.

Search bar: HL’s search bar has a single interface that boasts recently used apps, dialed contacts, trending we-searches and bookmarks to top websites like YouTube, Amazon, CNN, Yahoo, etc. You’re allowed to dial a number or send SMS through the search bar. But you cannot remove/add bookmarks to your favorite site. Unlike CM and Apus, you can move the search bar widget to any place on your screen.

Appearance: The system clock generated by Hola launcher uses a large font. It includes weather widget too. Unlike CM Launcher, you’ll have to add your location to get information on the current climate of your place. HL also supports weather forecasting. It can predict weathers for the coming 6 to 7 days. To use these 2 features, connect your handset to the internet.

The icons used in this free launcher are small but background images used in them are attractive. The layout of icons can be changed by the user. To do so, users should navigate to the Hola launcher settings. You can enable or disable infinite scrolling for screens and wallpapers. You can change desktop transition effects too. The animations are smooth and fast.

Download it for free here.

final thoughts:

Hola launcher is powerful personalization app for Android devices. It is better and smoother than Apus and CM Launcher. Hola is an error free app and it keeps its user away from all types of complex settings.


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