Windows Insider Updates is a feature that lets you try out the future version of Windows OS. Once you enable WIU, your PC will download 100s of megabytes files. If you are not using an unlimited internet connection, your data pack will expire sooner than its total validity.

The Insider updates are beneficial only for developers who write software for Windows 10. Only the users who have enabled developers option should have access to WIU settings. The OS should hide the WIU module from regular/normal users. If you have opted for Insider Builds accidentally, your browsing speed may have slowed down. Your ISP is not responsible for the same.

You may be aware that Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 10 anniversary update. The update adds plenty of new features to the OS. It adds some frustrating bugs too.

In Windows builds prior the big update, users didn’t face any web browsing issues when the OS was downloading updates. After the anniversary update, the browser struggles while opening web pages when the system is downloading updates because the OS uses 90 to 99% network bandwidth. Hence, turning off unnecessary updates (Ex. Windows Insider Preview Builds) will save bandwidth and ensure seamless web browsing experience.

The Insider builds are not important and you can safely disable them by following one of the below two methods.

Turn off Insider updates on Windows

The two ways to opt out from the insider program are:

Disable wisvc service

turn off windows wisvc serviceOpen run and enter “services.msc”. Click the OK button, scroll down the list of services to find the wisvc service. Right-click on wisvc option and select properties. Now, from the startup type drop box, choose the disabled option. Click apply and they hit the OK button. Restart the computer. The Windows OS will turn off the insider service. It will not download preview builds on your computer.

Stop WIU from running

disable windows insider updates

Open Windows update manager. Click Windows insider update settings link. If you have linked your MS Outlook for getting the preview builds, unlink your account. Now, open the official Microsoft website for the Insider Program and log in with your outlook a/c.

If you have not enrolled yourself for the WIU, the site will display a terms and conditions page and a button to accept it. Don’t click on this button. If you see this page, then you will not get insider updates.

Conclusion: Insider Updates is not a useful feature for every user. If you have turned it off accidentally, follow the steps I have mentioned above to disable it.


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