Servers are computers that power the world wide web. They’re the backbone of the internet. A website will not function if it is not deployed on a server. Most companies use Intel or AMD processor powered machines developed by Dell, HP, Microsoft, IBM and other top organizations for powering their web applications.

If you’re looking for a highly portable server that can be carried anywhere, check out the ocean server. In data centers, companies install a large UPS or a generator to power the computers if a power failure occurs.

Servers are not like laptops as they don’t have a large battery. Ocean is a different product. When there’s no power supply, it will work for around 48 hours (or more), thanks to its 4200 mAh capacity battery that gets completely charged within 280 to 300 minutes.

According to its official website, Ocean is suitable for small or large scale deployments. You can use it in your IoT project as well as a home or office router.

The Ocean server can be administered through its official application for Android and the iPhone. A connection will be established wirelessly with low energy Bluetooth module. This device will ship with a dedicated management interface through using you can easily manage or configure it.

ocean server dual core Linux server with 1GB RAM

As Debian 8.1 Linux operating system comes installed in the Ocean Server, advanced users can use the SSH protocol for management tasks.

The Ocean comes with a USB port trough which you can charge the battery. USB also allows you to connect this device to a computer or laptop. The Ocean server can be configured to function as a powerful Beacon.

ocean server

This Linux server comes with the necessary hardware to run Noje.JS, PHP, ruby on rails web applications. It is available online for purchase in 32, 16 and 64 GB storage capacity variants.

Each of the 3 variant ships with 1GB RAM and USB 3.0 connectivity option. They come with a dual core Cortex processor along with 2 wireless connectivity modules i.e. Bluetooth and WiFi. The 3 Ocean servers will also ship with a Bluetooth antenna whose range is around 30 feet.

There’s no Ethernet port in Ocean server. This device comes with plastic and aluminum frame and it includes a programmable button. Its panels are made from plastic so that user can easily unpack the device to check the hardware.

Ocean servers are priced within 9000 to 13000 Rupees i.e. 149 to 199 USD. It is an interesting product because of its compact size and an inbuilt battery. You can preorder it here.


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