Although computers ship with a warranty, you may never know when the hardware in it will stop functioning. If the system memory, processor or motherboard has been corrupted, you can easily replace it with a new one. But what if the Hard disk drive has become faulty?

If you’re a person who creates a backup of the system and important files regularly and saves it to an external storage device to a flash drive or USB disk, you don’t have to worry because your data is safe.

If you don’t know what a backup is, you’re in trouble. Your data is gone forever.

A backup utility is an essential software for PC. Enterprises and business use paid aka premium applications that support encryption, archiving and more robust features. A typical user will prefer downloading a free backup software.

Today, we’re sharing a review of the Comodo backup software – a simple, free and a smart utility for Windows, which has been developed by the company behind the popular Comodo antivirus and security suite. If you’re a looking for a simple application to backup your data, go through the below review.

Getting started

Download the setup file from and run it. 20 languages are supported by the version 4.4 of the Comodo backup software. The user will be asked to select the default language during the setup process. Once the user selects a language, he will have to accept the license agreement.

comodo setup

During the setup, the user will be presented an option to activate the Comodo Cloud service in which the user will be able backup 10 GB data on the cloud storage platform. This service is free for 90 days.

Comodo Backup allows you to change the installation folder during its installation. It requires just 53 megabytes free space on the storage hardware. Its installation process will execute for a minute or two.

Top features and UI

The main window of the Comodo backup software has the below 5 sections:


comodo review home

Here, you’ll find details of the last backup and restore activity. It has an option to connect the software to the CCloud service.


free comodo backup software for windows

This section is nothing but a tool to backup the following sources:

  • Files and directories.
  • Registry files and entries.
  • Browsing history.
  • Saved conversations from Instant Messenger apps.
  • Master boot record and disk partitions.

The free Comodo software supports full, differential and incremental backups. It allows you to select a folder where your data will be saved. It supports two file formats i.e. CBU and Simple. You can schedule a backup with this free software.

Comodo can send or save your data to the below sources:

Comodo Cloud: You will be requested to enter the username and password.

CD/DVD: To write the backup file to a CD or a DVD, the user must insert a blank storage media in the disk burner of the laptop or PC.

FTP: This feature lets you save your precious data to a server. For establishing a connection, you’ll be asked to enter the server name, port, user id, and password.

Email: Comodo supports simple mail transfer protocol. You will have to enter the SMTP address, port, the encryption type (SSL or TLS), from, to, password and the email address in their respective fields.


comodo restore

In this section, you can restore your backups stored on the computer, a remote computer or an FTV server. If you have sent your backup to an email address, you will have to download the attachment.


comodo backup manage

This is the 2nd last section. It makes users aware of all the backups created till date. It features a calendar tool with which you can easily find backups set up on a particular date. This section lets you mount an existing backup file as a partition. Use this feature if you want to know what files have been copied.

Online Storage

comodo online storage

Saving private or personal files to a remote computer is risky. If your computer is not having enough free storage memory, you can use this feature to save unnecessary files to the cloud. Before you start using this service, make sure that you own a fast internet connection. If you want to add a lot of files to a backup, you should use an unlimited broadband connection.

CCloud service will categorize your files in separate folders. For example, images will be saved to the Pictures folder. Sound files will be saved to Music folder and so on.


comodo settings

Like all other Window applications, Comodo comes with a configuration utility that allows you to:

  • Integrate the service into Windows Explorer for quick access.
  • Enable automatic software updates.
  • Create a bootable rescue disk.
  • Change language.
  • Change the default location for saving the backups.
  • Can find files in the folder.

My verdict: I’m not a big fan of System Restore utility of windows. My computer has a faultless hardware, but sometimes, the Microsoft tool fails to restore the backup it has created. Thus, I prefer using its alternative third party applications. Comodo is a promising tool. It is straightforward and reliable. Some of its inbuilt features require Windows Administrator permission. For smooth operations, run Comodo as an administrator.

Download Comodo backup software on Windows.


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