This morning, I came across a blog post that explains how Artifical Intelligence can replace the jobs of accountants, data entry professionals, teachers, receptionists, etc.

Some of you folks may have had a good laugh if you have gone through such articles. Guys, whatever news you are reading about automation is true.

Artificial intelligence and automation are two different things.

AI is one of the most complex branches of computer science. In Artifical intelligence, programmers develop self-learning programs. These programs are very complex and are not easy to develop.

Automation is a thing which can be easily accomplished easily by a programmer. For example, you can write a Java program that copies records from a database and copies into an excel sheet.

If you combine these two concepts, you have a powerful tool at your disposal which can easily replace the jobs of humans in an IT industry.

AI driven automation steal your IT job

Which IT Jobs AI may replace in the future?

Data Scientists: Data Scientists extract a large amount of data from a product’s most important database and use data visualization or complex reporting tools to create various reports for improving business.

Consultants: A consultant is an expert in a particular field. You’ll find plenty of Oracle, Java, C++, BI consultants in an IT firm.

Data entry: These are entry-level jobs in an IT company.

Entry level programmers: These folks are a part of the SDLC process. They take input from analysts, designers and write modules as per the requirements.

Don’t want to get fired?

Upgrade skills: If you’re an expert in MS Office, it’s time to learn something new. Programming languages work extremely well with popular office suites. They can read or write to files created with applications such as MS Word, Excel, etc.

If your role in the company is to update some files on a daily basis, you should think of learning advanced programs which generate reports automatically.

You should also learn the basics of Unix.

A program can easily automate your job.

If you do so, you can land yourself in an L1 or L2 level IT support job. The folks working in the support team monitor large applications day and night with advanced tools such as IBM Tivoli, BMC Remedy, etc.

A seasoned programmer can easily automate support level jobs of checking log files, raising tickets for higher level support teams, etc.

In case you’re an entry-level module developer, learn advanced part of a language you are working on.

AI programs that may replace IT jobs are still in development. I haven’t heard of major layoffs caused by the self-learning applications. Make sure that you keep upgrading your skills else you may be fired from the company you’re working for in the future.

Image via Pixabay.