Google operates some of the most visited sites on the internet. The websites include YouTube, Gmail, Alerts, Calendar, Docs, Maps, Play Store, etc. The search engine giant has become a more transparent company. It now allows the users to see the data it had collected when they were using a Google Product.

Open the My Activity page from your Google Accounts settings dashboard to see the information Google is collecting about you.

The best thing about the new feature is that you will be able to see your activities on all Google Products. For example, if you watched some videos on YouTube on 15th of July, you will find its information on the My Activity page.

A timeline module shows the collected data. The Activity page has several options for managing it.

How to use Google My Activity

The My Activity page allows you to filter your activities by Google Products and date. It lets you browse the search terms you had used while using Google Search. The page categorizes the terms by date and time. The user can quickly switch the timeline interface to bundle or item view for a better experience.

The My Activity feature is useful for people who forget things often. Consider this situation. One day, you discover a video DIY tutorial, and you forget to bookmark the page for later access.

A few days later, you want to execute the project at your home, but you do not remember the steps. Moreover, you have deleted the browser history. If you are using Google, you don’t have to worry. Just open the My Activity Page to see the details of the video you had watched earlier.

Activity controls in Google Accounts

The page has an activity control option through which you can enable the below activities:

Location history: This feature will create a map which shows the route you have traveled with your device. It will work if internet connection is active

Device information: This option will make Google store the apps and calendar, contacts information.

Voice and audio: This module will allow Google to save the voice command you have used while using the Google Search app, and other services.

The page allows you to activity tracking for specific products.

The users can delete the information which Google has stored. Click on the icon that appears to the right of the activity name. Now, select the delete option.

The Admin aka account owner can delete his entire online activities with a single click of the button.

The removed activity will no longer appear on the page. I am unsure sure whether Google cleans the same record from the database servers.

Among the plethora of internet search engines, Google has become the first organization to reveal the information it collects about the users.

Since few months, Google has been improving the accounts dashboard by adding new features. My Activity is a new and impressive module that you will find in it. What is your take on it?


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