Many people use a desktop email client software for getting faster access to the inbox, and compose, read emails on the go.  One of the most widely used desktop client for Windows in Mozilla Thunderbird. This software allows you to manage your email accounts from a central dashboard.

Being a third-party application, Thunderbird doesn’t support deep integration with Windows. For example, you can not link your email a/c to start menu or the taskbar.

If you want to use place shortcut to your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud or Outlook a/c on the taskbar or start menu, try out the new inbuilt Mail application of Microsoft Windows 10 OS. This app allows you to control many email accounts from a single Window.

How to pin Gmail, Outlook, and YMail accounts with this app?

Click the search Windows box on the taskbar. Now, enter the keyword mail, and press enter key top open the Mail app.

Free Mail App in Windows 10

Click accounts and select the add accounts option.

Select Gmail or Outlook from the list. Now, the mail app will open the web page of the selected email service provider in a small window. Sign into your email account.

The Mail application is now connected with your email account. You can check new emails by clicking on the account name from the left sidebar of the app.Tutorial to pin Gmail or Outlook to Start Menu in Windows 10

Right-click on the account name and choose pin to start menu option. The a/c which you have selected will now appear on the Windows start menu as a tile.

Gmail pinned to start menu

The tile will not notify you of new emails, but it will give you a quicker access to your inbox.

The mail app allows users to link inboxes. Use this feature if you want the app to group all incoming emails into one inbox.

How to link inboxes?

Click the accounts option. The Mail app will open the right sidebar. Click link inboxes option from it. Now, choose the accounts which you want to connect.

The Windows 10 Mail app has options to refresh/sync the inbox, compose new messages, delete a/c. You also can set background picture, add or change calendar entries, print an email with it.

The application comes with plenty of exciting features. Try it out if you are searching for a lightweight alternative to the email desktop client software which you are currently using.


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