Here, we’ve compared 4G data packs offered by Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone. 4G internet plans provide 3 or 4 times faster download speeds than a 3G connection. Downloading apps and large games from the Google Play store or iTunes becomes easier when you have enabled a 4G data pack on your cell phone. If the service provider permits, the download speeds on a 4G-LTE mobile device can reach up to 75 Mbps.

Telecom firms began operating 4G-LTE services in India last year. Airtel was one of the first firms to make 4G SIM cards available to consumers. JIO was the 2nd company to launch 4G cellular services across India followed by Vodafone and Idea.

In case you have bought the latest phone and want to upgrade from 3G to 4G-LTE SIM card, go through the following paragraphs to learn which 4G SIM or plan is ideal for you.

best cheapest 4g plans in India

Airtel 4G Plans

Airtel is the biggest telecom firm in India. It claims to offer the fastest 4G speeds in every state. The operator promises download speeds within 5 to 30 Mbps. Being a large operator with over 100 MN customers, Airtel has a comprehensive network coverage.

The firm makes use of high-quality networking components. Hence, your 4G internet connection will not drop unless Airtel is facing a major network or hardware issue.

The following 4G plans are live in 20+ major circles in India. Please contact Airtel CSC to check if 4G is available in your city.

Price In Rs Data usage in GB Validity in days
93 1 2
348 2 28
357 1 28
365 1.5 4 weeks
655 5 As above
755 6GB AA
855 7GB 28
1255 9 AA
1555 12 28

Apart from cellular 4G connectivity, Airtel has launched a hotspot device and dongle for Rs 1950 and 1500. These two devices support 4G-LTE connectivity. They are ideal for sharing internet connection with PC or laptop.

See latest Airtel plans here on its official portal.

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Reliance JIO 4G Plans

Reliance group incorporated its telecom wing JIO aka RJIL last year. The RJIL 4G services became operative last year. To acquire a large number of subscribers in shortest time duration, Reliance provides JIO Welcome offer wherein customers enjoy high-speed 4G internet free for three months.

As of today, Reliance JIO has over 70 million subscribers. The telecom firm is adding over 1 lakh customers every day. JIO Provides 4G plans for every budget. It has launched a 4G device called JIO FI for those users who cannot buy a 4G mobile phone.

I’ve covered latest JIO 4G-LTE plans in this article: BSNL VS JIO (RELIANCE): INTERNET PLANS COMPARISON

According to some sources, JIO group may extend the welcome offer till 31st March 2017.

Vodafone 4G Plans

Europe-based Vodafone group is one of the major players in the telecom Industry. It is the 2nd largest operator in India with 50+ million subscribers. Like Airtel and Vodafone, Vodafone has 4G network coverage across all major Indian cities. In case you don’t like the Airtel 4G plans or don’t want to stand in long queues for getting the free JIO SIM card and welcome offer, Vodafone 4G plans are for you.

To make 3G SIM card users switch to 4G, Vodafone has kept tariffs on LTE data same as its 3G plans.

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Idea 4G Plans

Idea Cellular has launched some special offers for existing and new customers. If you recharge your 4G handset with Rs 1499, you’ll get 6GB data for the current month and 1GB data for only Rs 51 for the entire year.

If a customer subscribes to Idea 4G network, he’ll enjoy 10GB free LTE internet data.

Existing Idea Cellular subscriber will earn 2GB free data on upgrading to LTE SIM cards.

Below are the latest Idea 4G plans:

Price Usage (GB) Validity
249 1 4 weeks
449 2 AA
598 3 28
651 3.5 As above
851 5 28D
1251 9 AA
1849 15 28
749 7 180 days i.e. 6 months

See latest Idea cellular LTE plans here on its website.

Unlimited 4G plans

Company Activation charges Monthly tariff Monthly usage (FUP) Daily Limit
RJIL 99 149 2GB
Reliance JIO 99 303 28GB 1GB
JIO 99 499 56GB 2GB
Airtel NA 345 28GB 1GB (512 MB day and 512 MB night)
Vodafone NA 346 28GB 1GB
Idea cellular Nil 348 14GB 500 MB

Note: The above plans have a validity of 28 days. They’ll be available for 12 months.

As you can see in the above tables, RJIL has the most affordable 4G plans. The welcome offer which provides free 4G internet is a bonus. Airtel and Vodafone have competitive plans. Idea cellular has most expensive plans on the list.


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